Sunday 5 March 2017

Top 5 Health Benefits Of Toddler Formula - Giveaway!

As a mother to three beautiful children I know the importance of breast feeding and the benefits of formula. As my children got older I chose to ween them off nursing at 18 months and we used both formula and breast milk the entire time making the process such a breeze. After they got past the age of infant formulas I decided to supplement their diets with toddler formula. Here are the top 5 health benefits of using toddler formula on top of their regular toddler diet:

Added Nutrition

Toddlers can be a challenge to feed at times especially if they choose to be picky when trying new things and adding new solids to their diet. Some babies will refuse milk at first after breast feeding. Adding a toddler formula to their diet can ensure they get the proper nutritional needs just in case they won't drink milk or half their carrots end up smeared down the high chair.


If you pack a cup filled with unprepared toddler formula on a long journey it is much simpler to simply add water and create a filling drink then it is to have milk go sour in your car or backpack and have an angry hungry toddler on your hands. So on your next road trip or hike you will be prepared to fill that little belly no matter how far from the fridge you may be.


Many doctors will advise against an extremist diet such as vegan but if that is the lifestyle you choose for your family it is nice to have piece of mind knowing that during this crucial growth stage they are getting all the nutrition they need to grow big and strong.

Medical Reasons 

Whether your child is underweight, or has recently had surgery that keeps them from eating solids they could benefit from the added nutrients that a toddler formula provides. A toddler formula will act just like a meal for your little one making it the perfect solution for medical issues.

Piece Of Mind

I always felt better knowing that my kids had full belly's when they went to sleep. And if for some reason they were not eating I knew that they were getting everything they needed by drinking toddler formula. Many people speculate that it is a waste of money or unnecessary in a toddlers diet but I felt it was worth it just knowing they were healthy.

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