Sunday 5 March 2017

How To Make Your Home Even Homelier

Your home is your castle. When you get back after a long day of work, you will want an environment that is comfortable and welcoming. Similarly, when people come to stay or just pop over for a cup of coffee, you want them to feel right at home from the moment they step inside the front door. There are a few things you can do to make sure your home is a place you never want to leave. Here are just a few.

Set A Good First Impression

The old saying “first impressions count” is particularly true for your home. If your front door is looking a little tired and worn, try a couple of coats of paint to brighten things up. Finish off the job by adding a shiny new house number. Invest in a new welcome mat that is inviting for visitors. If you have room inside, put a leafy plant in the porch so people have a nice natural environment to enter.

Social Seating Arrangement

In your living room, ensure that all the seats are arranged in a way to encourage interaction between your family or guests. Make sure that you have space to add a couple of extra chairs if more people are coming round for a visit. Try to position everything so it is easy for everyone to move around and they aren’t tripping over things. You could also add some interesting talking points into the room like ornaments or paintings, perhaps from a holiday to encourage the conversation to flow.

A Pleasant Temperature

Try to keep the house at a pleasant temperature throughout the year. During the winter months, set your heating to specific times so it’s pleasantly warm when you arrive back from work. If it gets too hot during the summer months, you could investing in an air conditioning unit from the likes of Temper Troops to regulate the heat. It’s also a nice idea to have some ceiling fans to get a steady flow of air going.

Shelves and Storage Units

A house that looks too cluttered can be stressful when you are looking around, making it seem like you are overloaded with stuff. Invest in some good quality shelves and storage units to keep everything nice and orderly. When you are putting items in them, you may find this is a good opportunity to sell, donate or throw away any unwanted things that you no longer have any use for, creating more space in your home.

Soft Textiles

Placing soft textiles around the home creates an atmosphere that is very cosy and comfortable. Plush rugs around the house feel fantastic underfoot, while you could also choose some deep furniture that makes it very difficult to want to get up! Floor pillows and soft ottomans will add the finishing touches and will really soften up the room. Complement the furniture with some soft lighting that shines on important features in the room like works of art.  

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