Monday 24 July 2017

Kitchen Tips For The Tidy Cook: More Food With Less Mess

Your kitchen is the heart to that almighty balance in your life. It’s what your everyday life boils down to - cooking and eating, making dirty and cleaning up, giving and taking. If you were to look for meaning in your life, you should steer far away from the kitchen as nothing will strike you as more trivial and meaningless than the process of cooking, eating, and cleaning - holistically speaking.

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To be able to enjoy it, you need to give in to the pointlessness of it all and accept it for what it is; life’s simple pleasures and the steady rhythm of routines. Make use of these kitchen hacks to enjoy it without all the mess, and look forward to cooking up a lot more meals in the future.

The food scraps bowl

Sure, you’ll find a ton of smart products, foldable chopping boards, and DIY composts to clean up your cooking a bit, but you don’t actually need all of this. A simple paper towel is able to make your life easier - and you don’t even have to log in to Amazon. Place the towel or bowl next to your chopping board and empty any peels or scraps into this as you go.

It’s strange how life-changing this garbage bowl has been to hobby chefs around the world; such a simple fix and so much time to be saved.

It’s the perfect partner in crime for the tidy and organized chef who’s already mastered the art of finishing all the prep before starting to cook. Now you don’t have to see transparent peels of onion land on your kitchen floor, and you don’t have to rush the chopping.

If you do spill on the floor, make sure to clean it up right away. Not only because it looks a lot neater and will keep you happy as you cook, but also because spillages tend to dry and become tougher with time. Invest in a decent vacuum cleaner for tile floors and make it your favourite kitchen assistant.

The hot and soapy water bowl

How many bowls do you have available in your kitchen? They’ll be your favourite friends when cooking, so make use of another one to rinse your utensils in. That way, you don’t have to walk away from the cooking or chopping to gather dishes by the sink - plus, you get to reuse your knives and other equipment right away.

A kitchen always looks a lot messier when spoons, knives, and spatulas are scattered over the entire counter. With this helpful bowl by your side, they’ll all be gathered in one soapy place instead.

Start with an empty dishwasher too, by the way, so you don’t have to look at the utensils you don’t plan on using anymore. There is a right way of loading it and a wrong way, so have a look at this article if you haven’t read your dishwasher manual either - like the rest of us.

Too many people avoid cooking because they hate cleaning up afterwards - so they turn to simple meals instead. Give them this handy article and turn their lives around; after all, who in their right mind would choose an easy sandwich when they could eat a golden and cheesy frittata?

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