Monday 24 July 2017

5 Tips to helping your children understand life under water

Helping kids understand wildlife and underwater creatures can be a joy as it opens their eyes to a world outside of their own. Children are full of wonder and their innocence can be endearing. Teaching kids about life and all that it entails is something that is time consuming and never ending but can also be a lot of fun. This article will help point out some ideas and ways in which you can help your kids understand life under water in a fun way.

  1. Purchase an aquarium. Aquarium's allow children to see that fish and other creatures live in water. Be sure to choose an aquarium that is big enough that your kids can see the fish swimming around. You will also want a tank that can hold a filter and some type of feature that the fish can enjoy. Involve your child in the purchasing process and let them help you pick out some of the items for the tank. To learn more, check out While shopping, you can teach the children about the fish and the type of water the fish should live in as well as the food that is fed to the fish. After explaining to the child about the fish and how they live in water, you can follow up the experience with another activity.

  1. Storytime. Engage your child in a story about fish in the water. There is no shortage on creative children’s entertainment about the underwater world. You can read a book about Dory and the underwater friends, or Spongebob Squarepants. While reading the story, you can help the child understand the photos and the story. You can then draw a parallel between the story and the fish tank that you purchased.

  1. Drawing. After reading a story with your child, offer them the opportunity to color and draw how they portray life under the sea. If your child is too young to draw, perhaps purchase an under the sea coloring book. This will give your child an opportunity to color and continue to learn about sea life and fish.

  1. Aquarium trip. Many cities have great aquarium’s that you can visit with your child. Many aquarium’s have a variety of fish and sea creatures in vast tanks. Most aquarium’s allow for people to check out sea life that are typically not seen on a daily basis such as sharks, jellyfish, sea urchins, starfish, seals, or even walruses. It is likely that the aquarium will also have children’s programs that take place throughout the day which will also teach your child about the ocean and its inhabitants.
  1. Movies. If your child loves to watch movies, there are so many great flicks to show them that will teach them about the water and life under the sea. Some great movies to consider showing your child include but are not limited to the Little Mermaid, Free Willy, Little Nemo, or Dory.

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