Friday 6 April 2018

7 Easy DIY Easter Decorations

No holiday celebration is complete without some homemade decorations. You don’t have to be a DIY master to create these festive Easter projects. All that they require is a little creativity and some simple supplies. Before you know it, these items will be on display for all of your guests to see. Thanks to these suggestions, completing your holiday decorating is as easy as finding a church near me.

1) Easter Sock Bunnies

To make this craft, you need some socks (preferably small ones, such as those for infants), thread, a sewing needle, scissors, a fabric marker and some toy stuffing. Draw on the bunny face and ears, stuff the sock, and then sew it closed. You can even glue on some embellishments.

2) A Cute Basket Centerpiece

A basket centerpiece requires four small picket fence pieces, a piece of square wood, some foam and ribbon, as well as wood glue and spray paint. Once you have these items, start by gluing the foam to the top of the square wooden piece. Then, attach the picket fences pieces, one on each side of the wooden square. Finally, decorate your basket with spray paint and then fill it with whatever items you want.

3) Wreath Made From Peeps

Making a wreath from marshmallow Peeps sounds like a waste of food, but the results are very cute. To make this craft, you need a wooden wreath frame, a package of Peeps, a length of ribbon, and enough floral pins to hold everything together (one per Peep). Attach the Peeps to the wreath, wrap a ribbon around it, and tie a nice bow.

4) Paper Rabbit Garland

Garland isn’t just for Christmas and birthdays – it can be an Easter decoration as well. This craft requires a length of the colorful paper, a traceable bunny pattern, pencil, scissors, and some additional embellishments. Repeatedly trace the pattern onto the paper, cut it out, and then add glitter, pom poms, or anything else that you want.

5) An Easter Tree

While you’re out looking for a church nearby, you can create an Easter tree. You need a small tree branch, a bag of colorful jelly beans, and a hot glue gun. Glue the jelly beans onto the branch and then place it into a vase. For an additional touch, you can even fill the vase with jelly beans and then “plant” the tree in them.

6) Easter Mason Jars

If you can draw an oval, then you can create Easter mason jars. This project requires some water-soluble paint, a paintbrush or two and as many mason jars as you wish to decorate. Paint an egg shape onto the mason jar (or trace an oval onto them), and then decorate the inside of the eggs. You can add as many eggs to the outside of the jar as you wish.

7) Easter Topiary Ornament

This is similar to the Easter tree, only with additional floral elements. You need a small flower pot, a fabric egg on a stick, and some fake flowers, as well as a piece of foam. Place the foam in the bottom of the pot and then insert the elements into it.

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