Wednesday 20 September 2017

4 Ways To Save Mega Money With A Family

Having a family can be one of the most rewarding things in the world, but there’s no denying that it’s a little draining on the finances from time to time. Here, you will find 4 ways to save mega money, so you can have more money to do what you like with those you love!

Always Go Shopping With A List
You should never, ever go shopping without a list, especially when you’ve got a family. Shopping without a list makes it too easy to get drawn in by special offers and deals that you don’t really need. Plus, you might just be tempted by your kid’s pleas for a treat!

Sign Up To Cashback Sites
Signing up to cashback sites is a really smart way to make more money. You can make a small amount back on many purchases you make online, and these really start to add up after a while. You basically make money from the money you were going to spend anyway!

Buy Second Hand
Instead of buying everything brand new, start looking for second hand items first. This is a great idea when it comes to things like tablets, phones, watches, and other gadgets. You can even buy second hand clothes! You won’t be able to tell that they are second hand for the most part and you’ll save a lot of money.

Become A Smarter Driver
Driving your family to school, extra curricular activities, and for weekends away from home can really begin to add up. Becoming a smarter driver is the way to go! Make sure you drive carefully, as this will keep wear on your car to a minimum and save petrol. Work out whether buying or leasing is best for you too!

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