How To Throw An End Of Summer Party For Under $100


This year I decided to throw my daycare group as well as my own kids an end of summer party so we could all enjoy the end of summer and celebrate the start of the school year. I didn't want to spend a fortune but I wanted to ensue the kids had a blast! So here is how I pulled off an awesome party for 7 kids for under $100.

 I made my own pinata using a balloon and paper mache. A very simple recipe and method. All you need is:
  • a balloon
  • strips of newpaper
  • Elmers white school glue
  • water
  • paint
Simply mix 3/4 cups of glue with 1/4 cup of water and dip the strips in the mixture one by one and start wrapping them around the balloon covering the entire surface leaving just a small hole near the top to put in candy and take the balloon out. Let it dry for one day and pop the balloon inside. Paint it however you like, we chose a fireball as it was super hot out and it reminded us of camping, although the kids said it looked like a Monster Legends Egg.

This pinata cost me nothing to make because I had all the materials in my home daycare. I did however by a cheap net decoration from the dollar store for $1 to hang it with.

I had the kids make paper chains as decorations which was one of our crafts during the week. The kids love making them and they make adorable hand made decorations. These also didn't cost me anything because we had glue and construction paper at home.

I purchased lei's for each child as well as some other simple decorations from Dollar Tree as well as a giant bag of assorted candy to fill the pinata and that cost me about $40. 

We hand painted this adorable banner during the week using some fabric I had left over from previous crafts and it turned out super cute. This also cost me nothing because as a daycare I always have paint on hand.

 Next is my homemade Under The Sea cake. I purchased foil containers with lids from walmart for $3 and it came with 3 of them. I also got a rainbow bit Great Value cake mix for $1, Betty Crocker frosting for $1, two packs of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Graham Crackers for $2 each, and food coloring for $4 which can be used for many future projects. 

I simply baked the cake following the directions then separated the frosting and used blue and green coloring to create water and seaweed. I then placed fishy crackers all over the cake and used some Wiltons white sparkle gel I had in the cupboard to make bubbles around the fish. 

Total cost: $13

 We played limbo which cost nothing because we used materials we had around the house.

We played juice pong using plastic cups which cost $1 at the thrift store and Hawiian Punch which is $2 for a case of 6.

We had a Slow Pitch tournament using our beach floatie and some paper targets I made by writing points on paper and taping them on parts of the dolphin. This also cost nothing thanks to my creative thinking. The kids really enjoyed this game.

We took a great group photo with our banner, fancy cups, and whale decorations. I will be printing a photo for each child which will cost around $2 for all the photos. For lunch we had pizza which I bought from Walmart and made at home $4 each and I got 2, and we had pop in special cups with umbrella straws from the Dollar Tree, which cost $3 per case of pop and I bought 2, and $6 for the straws and cups also from Dollar Tree.

The total cost for the entire party was:  $75
  • $47 on candy, decorations, & supplies
  • $13 for the cake
  • $14 for pizza & drinks

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