Tuesday 24 October 2017

7 Simple Fall Printable Crafts for Kids

It's finally Autumn--the leaves are turning colors and the weather is cooling down. The holidays are almost upon us, so it's time to start thinking about fun ways to make the most of our extra time with our loved ones.

Crafts are one of the best ways to bond with your little ones, whether it's to decorate the house for a spooky holiday or gather around the table for a holiday feast. These simple, family-friendly printable crafts from our friends at Shutterfly are great for children of all ages (and adults)!

Simply click on the thumbnail to download and print the templates, and then decorate to your heart's content. What could be easier?

1. DIY Leaf Animals: Use leaves from outside as a base, or print out the provided paper leaves and turn them into your own work of art. Use the provided eyes, nose, and ears to turn them into cute animals! Click the below image to get the PDF.

2. Halloween Joke Teller: A play on the old schoolyard game, this printable joke teller allows you to write your own fun predictions or jokes inside! Click the below image to get the PDF.

3. I'm Thankful For: Print out these for the kids to fill out and remember what they are thankful for this season. For a bonding activity: have everyone at the table fill them out and reflect on how grateful they are. Click the below image to get the PDF.

4. Thankful Turkey: These cute little guys can be printed out then decorated with the accompanying paper feathers, craft feathers, or leaves. Create a fun friend with your little ones this Fall! Click the below image to get the PDF.

5. Coloring Placemat: These make great place setters to keep the kids occupied during holiday meals. Click the below image to get the PDF.

6. Turkey Party Hats: These are adorable little hats! Just print them out and have fun! Click the below image to get the PDF.

7. Turkey Puppets: Like the hats, except puppets! Put on a show with these funny little guys and entertain the whole family. Click the below image to get the PDF.



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