Tuesday 24 October 2017

Blast Box by Zing

My kids love playing board games and it is so nice to have them spending quality family time together. That is why I firmly believe in sharing these awesome products with my readers! 

Blast box is the exciting game with a bang for 2 - 4 more players, go to #blast box challenge. The balloon explosion game! What an awesome heart pounding gift to add to the Christmas list! Imagine the fun they will have on New Years Eve playing games til midnight! 

  • Use balloon Inflator and the easy tie clip for easy set up
  • Place the 1x balloon per player inside the blast box
  • Follow the instructions on the spinner based on where the arrow lands. Pass the hammer and spinner to the next player
  • One set includes : 1 blast box , 1 hammer, 1 balloon Inflator , 30 pins , 1 spinner, 100 balloons, 20 easy tie clips

These unique board games are what keep families together! Try it out tonight or put it on your shopping list because this game is awesome! 

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