Cute, Printable Christmas Photo Booth Props

The holiday season is upon us! Time for endless parties and merry-making. Whether you’re hosting your own party or attending one, you will love these holiday printables from Shutterfly.

Tons of fun for children and adults alike, you can capture gatherings' special moments with a photo booth or simply by taking selfies with your phone. Just pick your theme, print them out, and enjoy!

Choose from seven sets--from beards and cell phones to holiday beverages to antlers and elf ears. Like them all? Print them all for a holiday prop extravaganza!

A Flannel and Bearded Christmas

In this theme we’ve included a couple of flannel hats, elf ears, cameras, and of course a Christmas beard. Celebrate a hip, woodland Christmas by the campfire! Simply click on the image to get the whole collection!

A Jolly Holiday

Traditional Christmas imagery and decor is the theme of this set which includes Christmas lights, angel wings, ornaments and more! Click on the image to get the whole collection!

Cozy Drinks and Nightcaps

Eggnog, hot cocoa, champagne, and cocktails are the star of this bunch. These festive drinks will make for the cutest pictures! Click on the image to get the whole collection.

A Jazzy Holiday

Looking for a bow and top hat? What about a Santa hat or ugly sweater? These props also feature mistletoe, a toy soldier and more! Jazz up your holiday and give it some flair! Click on the image to get the whole collection!

Yummy Christmas Sweets

This group features delicious sweets and candy! From gingerbread houses to doughnuts and cotton candy, you can take your pick. What's a Christmas party without a few treats? Click on the image to get the whole collection!

Christmas Ramblings and Cheer

These popular Christmas sayings and ramblings will provide hours of fun! You will enjoy seeing which words and phrases work with you best. Click on the image to get the whole collection!

Winter Wonderland

What says winter like a scarf and mittens? What about snowmen, icicles, and ice skates? Play with these printables and celebrate the winter season in style! These images are sure to make you feel like you’re in a winter wonderland. Click on the image to get the whole collection!


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