Friday 10 November 2017

The Importance Of Local News

Does anyone remember how the world worked just a few years back, before everyone had instant access to all the world’s news, right at their fingertips? Today with the advent of Smart Phones, everyone walking around is able to check the news updates constantly, as major media players like The New York Times, The Washington Post and more offer up all the goings up in culture and politics all across the globe. From the latest happenings in New York’s financial district to the latest news break from Washington, D.C., there’s no doubt that media today is a nonstop business.

The fact is, however, that some of the news from far, far away can have too much of an impact on us. In times past, people weren’t expected to have to react intellectually and emotionally on what was happening in a village far across the ocean. With all the news coming to us so quickly, it can be hard to keep a hold of a healthy perspective on all of it. That’s why today many therapists advise clients to unplug once in awhile and take a healthy break from the global news.

Why Local News Matters

Yes, it’s possible to know everything about what’s going on all over the world, but still feel ignorant of what is happening in your own town. That’s why local news is still a growing part of the media picture. For people who live in areas in Southern California like Woodland Hills, local news woodland hills matters a lot. The local news out of Los Angeles or Malibu matters a lot to the residents there, too, and so on. That’s because what happens to our local areas has real impact on our lives, in a way that a lot of the national news, even while it can be upsetting, really doesn’t.

As many major media outlets have grown in recent years and had more of a presence online, so have many new local news outlets. People need to find out what is happening in their local area, because knowing when the next library drive or school vote is happening matters, a lot.

Yes, local news may not have the edge that national news seems to have, but it matters hugely nonetheless.

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