Friday 10 November 2017

3 Ways to Fan the Embers of Your Long-Term Romance

Long-term relationships are a challenge in and of themselves. You go through the cycles of a relationship, over and over again—but, as they say, love is worth it. However, if you find yourself stuck in a rut of boredom and convenience, you might need to fan the embers of your long-term romance.

Go on Regular Dates, Even After Decades Together

People are often surprised by how long a couple have been together after they reach the 10-year mark. That is such a long time for anyone to be with anybody else, so it both awes and confuses those that are serial daters or non-committal. But it takes hard work to keep that love alive. Regular dates are a great idea because it allows you and your lover to engage one-on-one—no kids, no distractions, no nonsense. Dinner and a movie are classic dates, but even driving around aimlessly with the windows rolled down and the radio up counts as bonding time.

Remember to Compliment and Express Love Often, Every Single Day

When you’ve been together with someone for over a decade, you automatically assume they know how you feel about them. This is called complacency and it’s a killer of long-term relationships. Never, ever give up your expressions of love. Compliment them, tell them you love them, and be attentive and present in your moment with them—every single day. Don’t be short on the occasional present either. Gift your trinket-loving sweetheart with a keepsake from the Willow Tree Collection. Or, a simple bouquet of flowers could speak volumes.

Hugs, Cuddles, Touches, Kisses—Each One Matters

Every lingering hug and shared kiss matters. As much as every midnight cuddle, slow touch, and passion-fueled moment matters. Physical contact is important to the health of your long-term relationship. People are nature-made to be touched and loved, so express your love for your long-term partner several times throughout the day. Even if it’s just a quick kiss to say good morning and a yawning cuddle to say goodnight.

Comfort is a great thing in a long-term relationship. You have passed all of the nonsense of getting to know one another and your quirks, and are delving into being totally, completely comfortable with each other. Unfortunately, too much comfort can lead to complacency, which [as mentioned] can be a detriment to your relationship because it leads to feelings of contempt.

Definitely get comfortable and do things together, but remember to keep a firm grasp on your interests, hobbies, and passions aside from your partner. Even in a long-term relationship, you can still be your own amazing person—which is probably why your sweetheart loved you in the first place.Finding it hard to communicate you may wish to seek couples therapy!

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