Friday 5 January 2018

Create an amazing experience for your car loving child!

Do you have a child that loves cars and racing? If you do then you have got to get your hands on some PlayTape! You can use PlayTape anywhere to create unique roadways and race tracks your child can change and reuse as they like. PlayTape is so inexpensive you can even decorate their bedroom with it! 

PlayTape by InRoad Toys
Available at Walmart Stores in Canada 
With award-winning PlayTape, instantly create roads for toy vehicle play anytime, anywhere! Just unroll, stick, and drive! PlayTape sticks to any flat surface and is easy to tear and reposition. The recyclable tape peels up without any residue, so cleaning up is a snap. PlayTape is compatible with and made to-scale for popular toy vehicles so you can use it with the toys you already have! With a single roll of PlayTape, create a road or a whole city, places real or imaginary. The possibilities are as endless as a desert highway.

Product Features + Benefits: 
  • Build and Play Fun - Create instant roads anytime, anywhere. Compatible with all your existing toy cars and trucks.
  • Simple to Use- Just unroll PlayTape, stick to any flat surface, and let your kid¹s imagination drive! Perfect at home or on the go.
  • Safe for Children and Home - PlayTape is paper-based, so no sharp scissors or knives are required. Plus, it¹s safe for your floors, walls, and furniture, peeling up easily with no residue.

Age range: 3+ years
Available Colors: Black, Red and Blue (30¹x2²), 15¹x2² Black (15¹x2²)
MSRP: $4.97 

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