Friday 5 January 2018

5 Implausible Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday

Cakes, candles, dinner dates, house parties, or at the most, themed parties, most birthdays are celebrated in one of these manners. One can almost predict these outcomes for their birthdays. In case you are bored of celebrating the birthday in the most mundane ways ever, you can resort to the following ideas to remember your birthday for a very long time. If you are reading out for someone, you can always try and plan accordingly for the plan to work out. Here are  birthday celebration ideas, 5 impeccable ways in which one can celebrate his or her birthday.
Away from the human intervention, closer to the Mother Nature!
It is quite understandable from the title itself that we are suggesting you to celebrate your birthday away from the humans, and insanely close to the nature. By that, we mean it could be any place that is untouched by humans, may it be a mountain, a waterfall, or a dense pristine forest. You can even have company of your close friends and go on the nature trail. It could either be a hike on the nearest hill or a camping plan on a river bed. 
It is indeed an excellent way to celebrate your birthday amidst gushing winds, chirping birds, a under a million stars. Without a doubt, it would be one such birthday that will stay in your memories forever. If your an avid outdoors person you can celebrate solo and hike the woods alone. If you are taking your friends along with you, don’t forget to carry a lot of finger food, camping gear, and a Bluetooth speaker if possible. A campfire would set the perfect mood for the night.
Treat Yourself to Watch Your Favorite Sports Team Play
Sports play a major role in people’s lives. If you are passionate about a certain team or a sport, watching your favorite team in action is certainly one of the best feelings in the world. Whether it is a football game, or a baseball league match, you can buy yourself a ticket to watch your favorite team play. However, you have to plan that well in advance and see if your birthday lies on the match day. If not, a match around your birthday week could do wonders too. 

In case, you are planning to surprise your loved ones, get him the tickets of his beloved sporting event. If possible, you can even flash the message of happy birthday on the big score board. But to the plant to work out, one has to make the arrangements well in advance. We are sure that your friend would definitely feel special for the treatment he or she will get from you.   
Some ‘Me’ Time is Always a Great Time
We take it into considerations that you have celebrated your birthday amongst people, cutting cakes and going for dinners all your life. This coming birthday, try to treat yourself with every luxury and comfort as possible. By that, we mean that treat yourself with a high-end spa treatment, dine at your favorite restaurant, or read your favorite book all day long without being disturbed. Anything that makes you happy would be a perfect way to celebrate your birthday. Taking your friend along with you is your choice, if and only if your choices and preferences match. 
When we say ‘Me’ time, we mean that one should take a journey within himself. It might require you to travel or hike to a secluded hill top, but it would be all worth it. Traveling solo lets you to get acquainted with the vulnerabilities. If you are an automobile enthusiast, you can hire a top-notch vehicle for a day and burn its tires till you get complete hold of the vehicle. Anything that excites you to the fullest would be a decent way to celebrate your birthday.
Like a Spoiled Brat!
Save for the big day and splurge it all on the big day like a boss. We all love what Dan Bilzerian does for a living, don’t we? His lifestyle is something we are all envious of. However, as commoners, it is difficult to replicate his life for even a day. Therefore, why not celebrate your birthday like a boss by saving it for a very long time. Save, and save a lot, only to hit to a Poker club in Texas or Vegas, try your fortune at those tables, and see where the night takes you. Possibility is your birthday luck would win you fortunes. 
When the night gets older, you can always get hold of your friends, or book yourself a ticket for a night-long cruise trip. A yacht could be an option if you manage to save a hefty amount after the Poker night. Party like there’s no tomorrow. It does not matter whether you are with your friends or alone, living your life to the fullest should be your top most priority. While you are at it, being a responsible citizen would be the way to go.
A Family Reunion!
If you are one of those people who hold family above everyone else, this would be the perfect way for you to celebrate your birthday. Start from making a list of all the family members you want to invite for your birthday. You can either plan your birthday at your home, or can intend to take your entire family on a picnic. A picnic would be a great idea. For instance, you can take help from experts such as Nicky's Party Rental to get everything arranged. Follow it up with snacks, food, and drinks, and have a simple yet memorable day. 
If at all, you are planning it for someone in your family, force your family members to come with their very own set of essays for the birthday boy or girl. It would add an emotional touch to their birthday. More than the flavor of the sauces you’ll savor on the day, it would be the words that will be etched in his or her heart forever.  
These 5 ideas aren’t as exceptional as one would expect them to be, but they are equally efficient and would certainly make one’s birthday memorable.

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