Sunday 11 February 2018

3 Reasons to Use a PEX Clamp

PEX refers to Polyethylene Crosslinked. There are three types of PEX Clamps which are type A, B and C. The difference between the three lies in aspects such as the resistance to oxidation and chlorine, flexibility, coil memory and cost. Basically, they are just pipes that are made of polythene. Before dwelling deeper into the nuances of these pipes, it is good that we check out this PEX clamp or crimp tools help guide to learn more about how to use PEX Clamp tools.

It is also important that we understand what the PEX tubes are in relation to the traditional copper tubes. PEX tubes are made from High-Density Polyethylene also known as HDPE. The HDPE is usually melted and molded into a tube. These tubes come out to be very strong and flexible. Unlike metal and plastic pipes which are rigid and require a lot of space for storage, PEX tubes are stored on spools that save on space thanks to their flexibility. In fact, they help you save space and money. HDPE also reduces weight, hence saving on shipping costs. Here are three good reasons why you should use them instead of the copper ones.

1.    Flexibility
PEX Clamp tools can be used with a variety of PEX tubes sizes. You can use them together with PEX cinch clamps of corresponding sizes. They are further calibrated at the factory reducing the chances of mistakes when connecting these pipes. This is called mistake-proof ratcheting that only releases the jaws of the tool once the connection is completed. The fittings are removable and reusable. As such, you can save some money in case you want to change pipes. That’s because you will simply remove and re-use the clamps.

2.    Compatibility
Many plumbers prefer using tools that are compatible with various other tools. This is good since the plumbers do not have to walk around with a lot of tools or have to spend so much money on new tools every time they get a different job. PEX Clamp are universal and can work with different brand tubing, crimp or clamps fittings. However, you cannot use these clamps with copper crimp rings. But who wants to use copper pipes when PEX pipes are way cheaper, stronger and durable.

3.    Fast Installation
PEX clamp installations take less time than copper to install. That’s because the fittings in which these tools are used need fewer fittings as compared to rigid fittings. It is also easier to use these devices since they are lighter, and thus will not wear you out physically like cinch crimp tools. PEX pipes can turn up to 90-degree corners without elbow fittings. Essentially, you can install pipes drawn from spools into long runs with no need for couple fittings. Furthermore, you can operate PEX clamp tools with one hand. That’s because they do not require a high amount of force to operate.  It is time to dump those copper cinch clamps if you are a modern plumber. With all the benefits the PEX clamps provide, you just cannot ignore them.

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