Sunday 11 February 2018

5 Tips to Decorating Your Kid’s Room in a Nautical Theme

A nautical theme gives your kid’s room a summer feel all year round as it makes use of white and blue beach color tones. It’s a perfect way to add a coastal flair into your home in a contemporary way. With decorating ideas ranging from the use of sophisticated antiques and colorful coastal accents to rustic details and fun furnishings, the list is endless.

Here are the top 5 tips to decorating your kid’s room in a nautical theme:

Top 5 Nautical-Themed Decorating Ideas for Your Kid’s Room

1.    Choose Contemporary Beach Colors

Red, navy or blue and white make up the traditional nautical color palette and the best way to add a beachy theme to your home. Complement these classic nautical color tones with bright hues such as aqua, orange and green to add a burst of color in your kid’s room with a bright touch. The bright colors give you kid’s room a fresh look and feel.

2.    Add Fun Furnishings

Add fun nautical-themed furniture into your kid’s room. Consider surf-shack themed fort beds or a rowboat bed for a close-feel and look of the seaside. Beds made from whitewashed wood or boat-shaped beds with headboard accents give your kid’s room a traditional touch. Be creative when working on a headboard centerpiece and consider things like a sail canopy for a nautical look.

Replace your dresser and nightstand pulls with nautical hardware such as knots, anchors, beach glass or starfish for a customized yet affordable look.

3.    Accentuate with Beachy Accents

Be colorful, whimsical and creative when working on nautical-themed décor. Infuse nautical, beachy accents such as seashells, corals or even ropes in your kid’s room. Use transparent vases and glass jars to display the seashells and sand you collected during your last vacation. Place them on an end table or display cabinet for an attractive appeal.

Add a sophisticated seaside look using porthole mirrors, old oars, a coral lamp, ocean maps or a beachy lamp with a fish shade if the room you’re decorating is for a teenage kid.

4.    Add Functional Sea-Themed Storage

Your kid’s room should be both functional and decorative despite the underlying décor theme. Add functional storage sea-themed storage for your kid’s books, toys, clothes, shoes and other items. Woven baskets, heavy-duty canvas boxes or painted crates make creative and stylish yet functional storage for your kid’s things.

Organize your kid’s toys using buckets to keep the room neat and clutter-free. If possible, label each storage item for easy recognition and access of its content.

5.    Use Bold Stripes to Set Sail

Blue and white cabana stripes are typical of the sea and its nautical elements. Use a crisp rug, duvet cover or a pendant light with bold navy and white stripes to create a nautical centerpiece in your kid’s room. Cloth the ceiling in rugby stripes to complement your dramatic focal or solid walls for a more adventurous look.

Weathered wood, bold stripes and a classic, white, red and blue palette are typical of nautical-themed interiors with a chic seaside look and feel. You can also play around with upholstery, curtains, fabrics, vintage collectibles such as suitcases, whimsical or antique lighting such as chandeliers, vintage flags, drifting boats, nautical patterns, etc. to come up with an aesthetic nautical-themed room for your kid.

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