Monday 12 February 2018

Make the Most out of Your Small Living Space

People can spend years feeling cramped and trapped in their small homes. While some may think that it is, the way it is, and there is nothing one can do about it, it is certainly not true. There are plenty of ways a small home can feel comfortable.

Keep it tidy

There is no point in discussing further solutions if your home is not tidy and clutter-free. Even small amount of clutter can seem a lot in tight space. Get rid of everything you do not use on regular basis. You can give the selected belongings away, or you can sell them. Perhaps by selling them, you will get some extra cash to use in efforts to create more functional space. Pack your seasonal clothes and any extra bedding, pillows, and blankets into vacuum storage bags to clear out your closets.

Select the right furniture

Apart from measuring to make sure that the actual size of the furniture fits the room you have designated for it, there are some general tips to follow. Choose small-scale furniture. If you fall in love with a big-scale piece, make sure that it is the only one. It will naturally be the centerpiece of a room. Also, make sure that it is at least practical. Furthermore, the furniture should be of light colors, with no armrests, and with visible legs. This will make it appear less heavy. The armrests rule applies for the sitting areas as it will not only make the furniture look lighter, but you will actually be able to accommodate more people. Tall and narrow is also the look you want to go for, where it makes sense. This refers to items like shelves, tables, closets, and even bunk beds.

Smart storage is the right type of storage

Since you have to keep your home tidy at all times, you depend on having sufficient storage so everything can be in its place. Wooden crates and colorful baskets are an excellent way of storing and organizing your belongings. Place them on shelves, inside closets etc. Multi-purpose furniture is the key feature of every well-organized home. Using a wooden chest as a coffee table is a modern trend and a great storage solution. Since you also have the functionality to bear in mind, make sure that you keep it on a small rug which you can use to pull the chest across the floor as it can be very heavy. Another solution is utilizing space under beds and on top of wardrobes if you have any, though they are not the best option for small rooms.

Folding, hideaway, and built-in

These are the adjectives you want describing some of your furniture. Folding and hideaway are most commonly used with chairs, tables, and desks. You can unfold them or pull them out when you need them, and fold them back so they do not take up much space after you are done using them. Built-in is the frequent feature of closets but it can also be used for shelves, benches and cupboards. 


Your apartment needs to look bright in order to seem bigger. This is not only for the visitors but also for yourself as you want to avoid feeling trapped. Getting advice from professional painters or hiring them could help you get the most out of playing with perspective and making your home appear more spacious. Generally, light neutrals are the right color choice. If you want to add color, choose the ceiling as your accent. It will draw attention upwards. Be careful, if your ceiling is low, dark colors could make it seem even lower. Also, using mirrors and metallic surfaces on your walls could help you open up space and reflect light.

Create separate areas

If you manage to fit several areas into your small space, it will make it look larger. You can use furniture such as light shelves as separators, back your sofa into your dining area, or use rugs to mark each different area and cluster furniture around it. A great piece of advice for everyone with an open-style kitchen is building an island bar to use as a work surface, dining table, and a separator.
Living in small space requires creativity and organization. However, since every item in such homes matter, furnishing and decorating one of these can be an even bigger pleasure than having a variety of choices. It may be a difficult task but you will get a personalized home as a reward.


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