Saturday 17 February 2018

New Report Shines a Light on Home Safety

How safe is your home? Or your city? It’s a question moms everywhere worry about, and for good reason.

Now you can find the answer that question, as on-demand local home services

company SERVIZ has just released its first national Home Safety Rankings (HSR) Index, a useful and important look at home safety statistics from over 100 major metropolitan areas across America.

SERVIZ is an easy-to-use home concierge that offers a safer, more transparent way to book and buy home services online or using your mobile. It's a useful service for moms, whether you need a handyman, electrician, plumber or other independent contractor.

To create its HSR Index, the company sent out a detailed survey to 65,000 of its customers nationwide to ask them about their home safety concerns and approaches. The resulting national HSR Index at incorporates those customer responses as well as U.S. Census data, providing an important and timely look at America’s home safety habits—and how moms and homeowners can improve them!

Who Are You Inviting Into Your Home?

Most of all, the HSR is a reminder that the best deterrent against crime, and for promoting home safety, may just be exercising caution about who comes through your front door.

The HSR results from SERVIZ include some pretty shocking statistics on outside home contractors when it comes to local services, with as many as 25 to 35% (or more) failing simple background checks by SERVIZ in major cities across the U.S. This is just one of the many reasons SERVIZ is committed to stringent county, state and national background checks for the Service Pros in its own independent network, followed by active license verification for all applicable service types (learn more at

The HSR also provides additional useful advice and insights that it hopes will help to keep homes safer against theft, fire, floods and more in cities and towns across the United States.

Help from the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC)

The HSR also includes useful home safety advice, insights and links, from the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC), which has contributed tips to emphasize steps that moms can take for increased safety against criminals in their homes.

The NCPC tips include advice for homeowners to make sure doors and windows are locked, and with secure, up-to-date and dependable locks and deadbolts. Security systems and cameras (inside and out) are other excellent precautions, as are flood and motion sensor lights outside the home. NCPC also recommends that moms take a video inventory of the home and its valuables for future reference, while also compiling and maintaining a list of item descriptions and serial numbers, for use in case of theft.

Keeping People Safe

With the HSR, SERVIZ is doing their part as responsible corporate citizens who care about the safety of moms, homeowners and their communities.

Ultimately, the company is seeking to promote overall home safety awareness and preparedness, and to offer ways for people to avoid crimes as well as hazards. The company plans to continue to assemble and release additional local and future Home Safety Rankings going forward, as a vital way for SERVIZ to give back to the community and help homeowners stay safer.

To learn more about SERVIZ, visit or download the free SERVIZ App on Google Play or iTunes.

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