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Downsizing Giveaway!

“An Ingenious Comedy” - Owen Gleiberman, Variety   “ Downsizing Is Wildy Imaginative” - Ann Hornaday, Washington Post MATT DAMON GETS SMALL TO LIVE LARGE IN ACADEMY AWARD ® -WINNING * DIRECTOR ALEXANDER PAYNE’S HILARIOUS AND ORIGINAL COMEDY On 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray ™ , DVD & Digital March 20, 2018 Hailed as “a tremendously entertaining heart-felt comedy” (Julian Roman, Movieweb), director Alexander Payne’s ( The Descendants, Nebraska ) hilarious DOWNSIZING was released on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, DVD and Digital March 20, 2018 from Paramount Home Media Distribution perfect timing to add this to your adult Easter list! When scientists find a way to shrink humans to five inches tall, Paul Safranek (Academy Award winner** Matt Damon) and his wife Audrey (Kristen Wiig) decide to ditch their stressed out lives in order to get small and live large in a luxurious downsized community. Filled with life

Super Strong Paper Mache Recipe

I love making pinatas!  You can buy any pinata you want for your child for $25-$30 (they also come with a  top rated modeling clay kit for kids )  but it is nothing more then a big chunk of cardboard that gets destroyed so you might as well just burn $30 just for the sake of it.  I have made numerous different shapes and sized pinatas for my kids parties and I used to buy the fancy themed ones from the store and I can tell you through experience that the reaction is the exact same when that candy gets smashed out of the pinata. Kids don't care about the decoration aspect, trust me and the kids really do enjoy helping to create a party focal piece. You can always get creative and make it however you like if your going for a theme, these are a couple others I have made. My paper mache recipe is simple: 1 cup white glue 1 cup flour 2 cups water Put all ingredients in a large bowl. Mix well until it feels like thick paint and then slowly apply to your newspa

How To Throw A Fun Easter Party For Under $50

I am always trying to find frugal ways to keep my kids and my daycare kids busy learning, staying fit, and having fun, without breaking the bank. We celebrate all the major holidays around here and Easter is one of the funnest to get the kids pumped up and ready for the long weekends with their families. So how can you throw an amazing Easter party for under $50, I will show you:   My adorable egg pinata cost absolutely nothing to make all I did was cover a balloon I had laying around in paper mache and let the kids color it when it was dry. My super hard paper mache recipe consists of glue, flour and water and that's it. The only thing I spent money on was pinata candy I bought at Dollar Tree for $20 Balloons, Glue, Flour, and paint to make your pinata can be found at the Dollar Tree for $1.25 We all made bunny ear head bands which cost nothing because I had gotten a giant roll of blank paper from my local child care resource center.  Markers & P

Earn and Save When Spring Cleaning With Once Upon A Child Kelowna

It is time for spring cleaning, and what better way to get it done then by making some cash or saving money on some new items for your kids. The concept of recycled children's clothing is by far the best option for parents these days. As a mother of 3 I have learned the value of hand me downs and clothing sales. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with Once Upon service this week and find out what makes their store so special. In my interview with owner Ann she had many important things that set them apart that I thought you should know. 95% of all their items are previously loved, so when we buy from once upon a child we are helping to recycle kids clothes and keep them out of the landfills.  Their wonderful buy out program let's you bring in your child's previously loved next to new items and while you shop they will sort through them and decide which they will buy from you. Then when your done shopping you can use that balance to p

3 Tips for Moving with Kids and Pets

Moving isn't easy. It requires a lot of planning, a lot of money, and a lot of lifting. But, if you have kids or pets, moving can be a lot harder than it needs to be. And it's for that exact reason it's important to come up with ways to keep them occupied during the big move. First, explain to your kids why moving is best for the family  and why it's so important for them to help the transition along.  Bekins suggests talking to your children  well before the move happens. Ask them how they're feeling about moving from one place to another and encourage them to talk to you if they're nervous or have any problems.  Next,  make sure someone is available to watch your children and pets.   HGTV  suggests hiring a sitter, enlisting a family friend, or calling in the grandparents. Take your kids or pets to your in-laws, summer camp, or in a pet’s case, take them to doggy daycare. If you want your kids or pets to be a part of the move, but you don’t want them runn

Make Cellulite Vanish

  PUR firm CelluFIRM Lotion  from  PUR attitude  uses a triple action technology that stimulates microcirculation to smooth the appearance of the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. The result is a firmer, more toned looking body. 88% of customers report a decrease in thigh circumference, firmer looking skin, and visibly reduced dimples with product's use.  (Available in 6.6 oz. MSRP $68.00.)   Each product in the  PUR attitude  line is dermatologist tested and proven, backed by customer testimonials, and follows the brand’s philosophy of  Safe Beauty , avoiding harsh chemicals, parabens, PEG’s, glycols, sulfates, petro-chemicals, synthetic fragrances, and artificial dyes. For more information, please go to . Images and select samples available upon request. -Chic Directive, Inc. Designed for:  Cellulite Benefits: Visibly reduces cellulite Firms and tones skin Decreases thigh circumference Promotes smoother, more r

Zing's Glove-A-Bubbles perfect for your Easter Basket

Jumbo chocolate bunnies. buckets of jelly beans… And then the Easter morning sugar crash! Not surprising that many families are ditching the candy (or at least swapping some out) and filling baskets with imaginative alternative treats. These are the coolest bubble toys for kids of all ages. My group was very excited to do bubble high fives and spins creating a great bubble show! Glove-A-Bubbles Churn out oodles and oodles of BUBBLES with just the wave of your hand with Glove-A-Bubbles, new from Zing! Get ready to wave and play! Kids simply remove the bubble pouch from the glove and pour the bubble solutions into the pouch. Dip the glove into the bubble pouch, wave your glove back and forth and watch tons of delightful bubbles form instantly, right before your eyes. Never ending bubbles for never ending fun! Glove-A-Bubbles come with one glove and two packs of bubble solution. The pouch is also re-sealable and refillable. Glove-A-Bubbles come in eight

Stress Relievers

Whether it’s everyday activities or an overwhelming life event, stress can be a reoccurring issue in a lot of people’s lives. Finding ways to cope can be difficult, but it is imperative to find the best methods that work with your body. Dr. Christopher Calapai , D.O., an Osteopathic Physician board certified in family medicine, anti-aging medicine and chelation therapy explains how stress can affect your body and provides methods to manage it with herbal supplements and natural alternatives . 1.      Symptom : Insomnia 2.      Solution :  Magnesium helps to relax the body while also easing anxiety. Melatonin supplements can help regulate sleep and wakefulness and Chamomile tea is great for relaxation and sleep. 1.      Symptom : Low energy 2.      Solution:  Asian Ginseng , Vitamin B12 and Green Tea are all known to increase one’s energy levels. 1.      Symptom : Stomach aches, Body aches and pain 2.      Solution: Peppermint oil is good for stomach a

Healthy Treats on Easter

Easter can be compared to Halloween in terms of sugary treats that get collected from egg hunts, baskets, school parties, and Easter family gatherings.  Try not to deprive your child of Easter treats, keep moderation and modification in mind.  Moderation  meaning  they can have a controlled portion of candy on the days surrounding Easter if they have collected it from school or a n Easter  egg  hunts .  If you have control over what is put into the eggs ,  consider doing small trinkets or toys, like stickers, fake tattoos, coins,  putty,  plastic jewelry, etc. instead of candy.   Easter baskets do not have to be loaded with candy and sugary treats, instead focus  on  putting  toys that promote activity into their baskets like jump ropes, sidewalk chalk, Frisbees, pool toys, sunglasses, etc.  Some families who strive to keep minimal toys and trinkets can even get one big toy like a basketball hoop, trampoline, and season tickets to the zoo or a train set.   Also consider modify