Sunday 4 March 2018

5 Things you should know about buying a designer lamp

Whether you are buying new furniture for your new home or revamping your old home with new stuff, 
buying a designer lamp is something that you need to think about. They are distinctive, attractive, and 
can add focus to your personal space. Moreover, it adds a bit of life to your room. 

However, before you consider on buying one, you need to know several things first.

Here are five things you should know about buying a designer lamp.

1.    Different lighting styles

No matter what designer lamp you want to buy, there are tons out there that has different lighting styles. 
This is something that you need to know more because it creates a certain mood and atmosphere 
depending on your lighting style. When buying a designer lamp, look into the styles such as chic or 
urban design and know which ones suit you best.

2.    Types of Lampshades

There are also different types of lampshades that you can choose from such as translucent, opaque, 
empire, and rectangle. The shape and the materials that are used with the lampshades can ultimately 
affect the quality of light. Depending on your preferences, these types of lampshades can provide you 
the light you need. If you are looking for a more ambient look, try choosing a lampshade that can filter 
the light and provide a soft glow like opaque ones.

3.    Choosing of Light Bulbs

To create your perfect lighting scheme at home, you must also know that buying a designer lamp 
means you also need to choose the right light bulb. Most of the light bulbs nowadays are environmentally 
friendly ones. These ones emit cooler and whiter light. However, if you want those warm and ambient 
lighting, you may consider designer lamps that use classic tungsten bulbs. Most of the designer lighting 
store now have showrooms where you can test out and see bulbs for yourself.

4.    Complements your style

When it comes to designer lamps, it's easy to get attracted to a lot of eccentric designs but you have to 
know if they match and complement your personal space and style. Designer lamps have the power to 
transform your room. There are several designs that you can choose from that will surely complement 
your taste. Some designer lamps are created to make a bold statement out of your room, while others 
blend naturally with other furniture. The good thing is; the variety of designer lamps nowadays allows 
you to choose whatever type complements your style.

5.    Functionality

Designer lamps are not just for show. It's also about its purpose and functionality. Positioning your 
designer lamp to its proper location can definitely add more function to your interior. For instance, 
placing it on the bedside table would be great for reading. You can also use it as an accent to highlight a 
specific part of your room. Designer lamps are practically created to add beauty and color to a room, 
but practically speaking, it can also be used as a good source of light just like any other lighting fixtures.

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