5 Things To Look For To Ensure That You Have A Great Laminate Floor

The floor is an essential part of any building. It is one of the first things people notice when they get into 
your house or office. Therefore, it is important to choose an ideal flooring solution that best suits your 
needs. A good yet affordable option is a laminate floor. Laminate flooring can transform your spaces, 
giving them that magnificent, warm and timeless look.

Let’s look at 5 things to look for to ensure that you have a great laminate floor.
1.    The Cost
Cost is an important aspect when it comes to flooring. Often, the price of the laminate reveals the 
quality. Cheap laminate flooring tends to be unrealistically smooth and shiny. They are also made of a 
substandard material that easily peels warps and stains. It is therefore important to go for a pricey but 
quality option.
If you want great laminate floors ensure that you get one with a realistic grain finishing, stain, and 
moisture resistant and durable. A good choice would be the hand scraped laminate flooring. Apart 
from being affordable, the installation process is so easy, you can do it yourself.
2.    Foot Traffic
Consider the location the laminate flooring will be installed. If it’s a high foot traffic area where children 
and pets play, a wood laminate would be ideal. Also, bear in mind the footwear and the furniture you 
will put on the laminate floor. Thicker laminates with high AC ratings are recommended for landing 
areas such as hallways and corridors.
A laminate floor with a waterproof core would be the best for kitchens and bathrooms to prevent mold 
and rot.
3.    The Appearance
A great laminate floor should have a unique texture that gives your home an outstanding look and feel. 
A hand scraped laminate floor can create an old renovated wood look, bringing you that timeless 
antique feel to your home. A hand scraped laminate will also give you that tough finish that is scratch 
resistant, yet smooth enough to walk comfortably.
4.    Warranty Of The Flooring
Warranties are very important when buying laminate floors. Having a warranty will give you peace of 
mind. Generally, a high-quality laminate will be more costly but will have a longer warranty.
Avoid buying laminate flooring that does not have a warranty because it might not last long. Also, 
ensure that you check the terms of the warranty. Sometimes the warranty will have specific terms 
such as how to install. Some will even specify that you have to use their installers.

5.    Maintenance
It is important to look for laminate flooring that is easy to maintain. Ideally, a good laminate floor will not 
require frequent waxing and buffering. Cleaning should be very easy as well. Light vacuuming, a soft 
broom, and a damp cloth should get the job done. With a good laminate floor, you will not need an 
annual maintenance program.
There you have it. 5 important things to look for to ensure you get that perfect laminate floor you’ve 
been dreaming of. At Houston Flooring Warehouse you will get beautiful and durable laminate flooring 
at discounted prices.

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