Thursday 1 March 2018

5 Tips to keeping your food fresh

Do you ever look inside your fridge and discover foods that have been spoiled? With the rise of prices nowadays, many households cannot afford to have any food spoiled.

One thing you can do is to actually do your shopping in a local farmer’s markets instead of going to your regular grocery or supermarket store. That’s because the food sold at supermarkets may have already traveled from one place to another, some coming from really far places. This means that they can spoil much faster than the ones sold at markets which are usually harvested from local farms.

If you want more tips on how you can keep your food fresh much longer, just check out and follow the list below.

1.    Keep your vegetables and fruits separated – apparently, there are some fruits that give off what is called ethylene gas, which can affect vegetables and make them get spoiled faster than usual. So you need to make sure to store your fruits away from the vegetables. Some examples of fruits that give off this ethylene gas are apples, apricots, and honeydew.

2.    Research on food that does not need to be refrigerated –  did you know that you don’t have to put tomatoes and potatoes in the fridge? Not everything you buy at the store needs to be stored in your fridge so better do your research. Tomatoes, for example, just needs to be stored at room temperature, while potatoes, along with onions and garlic needs to be at a cool, dark place instead of the fridge.

3.    Know where to place the food in the refrigerator – aside from the freezer, the bottom part of your fridge is usually at the very bottom. This is where you should place your vegetables so that they will not spoil easily.  Also, look at the ripeness of your fruits and separate those that seem riper than others. The fruits that are riper can affect the other fruits and speed up their spoilage.

4.    Put excess food into another meal – do you have tomatoes or beets that are almost spoiled already? Don’t throw them away as you can still roast them then store them with olive oil to be used for another meal. If you have some extra ingredients such as basil for example, just turn it into pesto by adding some garlic and lemon and you can have something to put into your toast or even pasta for your next meal.

5.    Vacuum seal your food – here’s an efficient solution that not only lets your food stay fresh longer, but also gives you more space in your fridge. Vacuum sealing your food will let your food stay fresh as like you just bought them from the store. There are many types and models available in the market so if you have never used one, check out this site for a detailed vacuum sealer review. You’ll be able to check the pros and cons of some of the most popular models in the market and decide which one best fits your needs and lifestyle. 

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