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25 Days of Self-Care To Treat Yourself During The Holidays

Self-care is often overlooked. Especially this year, as stress and uncertainty has taken over a majority of our lives. Nonetheless, the concept of self-care is extremely important, as it helps encourage maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself and others.  With the holidays coming up, stress seems to consume us even more due to the pressures that accompany the holiday season — travel plans, hosting relatives and finding the perfect gifts for all your friends and family. So this year, gift yourself by filling your December calendar with some holiday self-care ! Below is a list of self-care ideas to get you started so you can nourish yourself for the holidays. Write Yourself a Love Letter An important aspect of self-care is being kind to yourself and practicing self-love, so start by writing yourself a thoughtful love letter. Write down things you love and admire about yourself, no matter how big or small they might be. If you are in need of a place to begin, check out this prin

Which Online Retailers Have the Best Return Policy?

As most people who shop online often probably know, companies that offer fair and flexible return policies are the best ones to buy from! You can save tons of money by purchasing from companies that pay for returns or will let you return for extended periods of time if you're not satisfied with the product. However, it can be difficult to know which companies offer the best return policies without doing extensive research. That's why this graphic that compares the return policies of top online retailers from Red Stag Fulfillment is so handy! They researched retailers with the most online revenue and then inspected their returns policies by factors like return time window, the ease of their returns process, refund time and whether or not they offer free returns. You can see the whole thing below. Keep this handy next time you're shopping online to know which companies to buy from and which to avoid. Enjoy!

Keep Your Pets Safe During A Move

Keeping your pets safe during a move is incredibly important! The changes and commotion that come with a move can send signals of distress to your furry friends. However, there are certain things you can do before, during and after a move to help ease their fears and keep them safe. The moving experts at HireAHelper came up with this handy graphic that details the best ways to keep your pet safe during a move . If you do things like prioritizing time with your pets before a move, gradually get them used to the boxes and keep them confined during the actual move they will feel more at ease and be kept safe. After the move, it's best to spend a few days around the house, keeping your pet company and assuring them that there is nothing to fear in the new house. Keep their bowls, bed and accessories the same (at least for the first month) so that they are surrounded by familiar objects and smells. If you stick to these tips, you should have no problem settling into your new home

How to Give a Great Wedding Gift On a Budget

Wedding season is just around the corner. And if you're on a budget, you may be wondering how you're going to afford all of the shower and wedding gifts you're going to have to buy. Seeing as how fewer than one in four Americans have enough money saved up to cover even  six months  of expenses if necessary, finding the money to spare on wedding gifts can sometimes be very difficult. Fortunately, there are ways to not spend your entire savings account on wedding presents this year.  First off, it's important to know that you are not required to buy gifts off of the couple's registry. Oftentimes, registries can be full of  expensive items  that you may not come even close to being able to afford -- and that's okay. Registries should be viewed as a suggestion, not a requirement. So feel free to buy something that isn't on the couple's registry. However, it can be helpful to use the registry as a guideline and figure out what kind of items the coup

Perfectly Mindful Origami

Discover a new craft and clear your mind at the same time with Perfectly Mindful Origami . These covetable collections each include dozens of inventive origami projects superbly designed and clearly explained with fully illustrated step-by-step instructions. Also included are 30 sheets of origami paper to get you started on a relaxing and creative activity for your digital detox time. Whether you are an origami beginner or a seasoned paper crafter looking for a more complex challenge , Perfectly Mindful Origami will exercise your mind while clearing it of clutter. by Mark Bolitho 25 inventive paper projects for all signs of the zodiac, both eastern and western, from an elegant dragon and a complex scorpion to a stylized monkey and a classic rooster. ISBN: 9781911127123 Jacqui Small | April 19, 2018 | 128 pages US $19.99, CAN $25.99 What is Origami? Origami is the art of paper folding, which is often associated with Japanese culture. In modern usage, t

Simple Chicken Corn Chowder Recipe

Homemade soup is such a warming comfort that makes any tummy happy. I love to create simple soup recipes that you can modify and customize to suit your mood and budget. My favorite soups are cream based but I enjoy all different kinds. This is my super simple chicken corn chowder recipe that anyone can make and everyone enjoys! 6 chicken thighs or 4 breasts 2 cups corn (frozen or canned) 6 medium potatoes 1 onion  3 cloves garlic  6 cups chicken stock 3 cups table cream 1 tbsp flour  salt and pepper 5 strips bacon (optional) 1. Begin by slicing the bacon into 1 inch pieces and frying in a large stock pot add the onion and garlic. Once bacon is slightly crispy add the chicken and cook completely. 2. Add flour and combine with the meat, cook for 2 minutes. Pour in the chicken stock and bring to a simmer. Add the corn and potatoes and let cook until the potatoes are fork tender. 3. Pour in the cream and add salt and pepper to taste. Enjoy! You can add any veg

3 Tips To Remodeling Your Home

Everyone has a different reason for wanting to remodel their home. Some may have grown tired of their current setup and want to do a little bit of sprucing up. Others may want to remodel to give their property a higher price value in case they sell their house in the future. Or, some people simply want to remodel their home for personal satisfaction. Whatever your reasons are, you are going to need some help and resources in order to achieve your perfect design and functionality as well as do it without breaking the bank. It would help big time if you know how to remodel your home the smart way possible. Here are three tips for remodeling your home. 1. Focus on what you and your family need in a home. When it comes to remodeling your home, it can get pretty tempting to go way beyond what you really need for your home. While it is totally up to you to make a big change, work on what needed to be done first. For instance, if your home needs to have better windows, change your

Earth Day Word Search

April is the perfect time of year to teach our kids about our Earth. If you have been teaching about recycling and more educational words this word search is the perfect extension activity to use. Let's celebrate Mother Earth as we use our spelling skills to find words in this fun word search. Be sure and check out for more spelling printables, games, and resources like this! You can download the word search here.

Do You Really Want To Spend More On Your Home Than You Have To? When it comes to money, we all have our own priorities. Nobody likes to spend money on things that they don’t really want, and it’s safe to say that bills will always come into that classification. However, they’re non-negotiable. Because when it comes to your home , you’ll always have bills. The good news is, that they don’t have to be incredibly costly if you don’t want them to be. If you know that you’re spending more than you want to be on things like your bills or just your general household expenses altogether, then it’s time to make a change. And even if you’re relatively frugal already, you can still make a difference by following the below five points. 1. DIY First of all, you’re going to want to get a little bit better at doing DIY. And let’s face it, the main reason why most of us don’t want to do it is that we’re lazy. Even if you think you just can’t do it, or that you’re not handy or creative enough, the bottom line is t

Find the Right Window Treatments and Save Energy and Money

Windows are wonderful for letting natural light and fresh air into our homes, but they are also one of the main culprits for energy losses. Approximately a third of a home heating energy is lost through windows in colder months, whereas in summer when we’re trying to stay as cool as possible, sunlight enters our home and warms us up. Because we don’t want to spend a fortune paying bills, we’ve prepared a list of things you can do to save energy and money with the right window treatments. Blackout shades You might think that blackout shades are here to help you protect your privacy from prying eyes, but they do a lot more. They will also control the amount of light that enters the room as well as the temperature. While natural light has many benefits, there are also times when you want the room to be a bit darker. When you’re trying to sleep a bit longer in the morning, or when you’re looking for the right treatments for your nursery. Parents who have toddlers know that childr

Enter To Win Tickets To Nitro Circus

NITRO CIRCUS LAUNCHES HIGH-ADRENALINE NEXT LEVEL TOUR Spectacular New Outdoor Show Makes World Debut Down Under -- Coming to North American Stadiums this Summer With the all-new Next Level Tour , Nitro Circus promised an epic event filled with game-changing feats and unbelievable stunts, and its world-debut Saturday at Canberra, Australia’s GIO Stadium more than delivered the goods. Thanks to a massive production, featuring the biggest ramps ever to hit the road, this cast of all-star action sports athletes and thrill-seeking daredevils blew away the crowd with new tricks, new vehicles and more in an electrifying show that is simply too big to fit indoors.  Nitro Circus’ moto athletes proved they are all in by sending huge , gravity-defying tricks that definitely took the sport to new heights. USA’s Gregg Duffy , the first person ever to land a double front flip on a motorbike, stomped two incredible front flip variations for the GIO Stadium fans. The

How To Build A Worm Farm

You can have an endless supply of bait for fishing with this super simple worm farm. It will save you hundreds of dollars every year. Worms cost $10 for a 24 pack and you usually go through that every trip so if you fish constantly that can be a big chunk of cash. For $35 you can have an endless supply and have great compost and fertilizer. So here is how it is done:  

5 Tips to Prepping Your Home to List For Sale

There are many homes available for sale in today’s real estate market. With this in mind, it makes sense that it would be easy for a potential buyer to overlook your home listing. The sheer number of options available make it possible for home buyers to ignore houses that do not have a pleasant appearance. On the other hand, properties that are in pristine condition tend to receive more attention from buyers. This means that your home has to create a favorable first impression with potential buyers to boost your chances of success in the market. Is there a way to improve your chances of making a sale? If you want to make your home marketable, it is important to find ways to enhance its appearance. Using online platforms such as Greatidea Hub will give you all the information you need to spruce up both the interior and exterior of your home. In the meantime, here are 5 tips to get you started: 1. Start Outside The first thing someone sees when they step up to your house i

Tips and Tricks For Using Mousse

Not Your Momma’s Hair Mousse 20-Year Stylist and Natural Curl Guru with Tips on Mastering Mousse Styling mousse first came on the scene back in the 80’s when big hair was the thing. Janet Jackson and Whitney Houston were the ladies who set the hair trends back then. I’m sure if you see pictures of your mom from the 80’s, you will see the waterfall bangs and curls that were teased, fried and crunchy. It was a cool look then. It’s not cool now. Hair styles and the products we use have changed over the decades.   Maya Smith, International Master of Natural Curls and founder of The Doux®, a haircare line she created specifically for naturally curly hair, has seen the evolution of mousse from the very beginning to now. We caught up with Maya and scored some amazing tips and insights to help you know which ingredients to look for and how to best use mousse to maximize your modern style.   Q: First to get things clear, what is the purpose of mousse? How has it