How To Reduce Waste by Recycling

The landfills are filling up and we are running out of places to stash our garbage. The human race has created a mess of environmental issues just with the trash we produce and the illegal dumping that happens everyday. There are ways we can keep the garbage at a minimal amount and where it belongs. Here are some excellent tips to help you make the most of your recycling habits:

Don't fear the labels. There is an outstanding amount of symbols and labels that are stamped or printed on every container or wrapper we use. They are not as intimidating as they look most of the rules are quite simple. Taking the time to learn what each symbol means will help you to make better recycling choices.

Stop using plastic bags. I am a huge plastic bag user and I have been trying to cut back because it is now clear that the world will have them banned soon enough. To make it easier to remember your bags stick a bunch of them in your vehicle in another bag or even a box so that you always have them on you for shopping. If you still find it hard to remember you can purchase bags that fold into small pouches that you can attach to your purse or even a keyring.

Discontinue any print subscriptions or newspaper deliveries. Now we can find everything we need online, magazines, newspapers, even coupon mailers. We receive piles of unnecessary junk mail everyday which ends up in the recycling bin or sometimes the trash if we aren't very savvy recyclers. So cancel those printed pieces and it will save you the hassle.

 Stop the wrapping. Wrappers and zipper bags are a huge portion of the items in the landfill, food items can't be recycled making them a giant waste contributor. Instead of using these items buy a bulk package of plastic containers that can be washed an reused, not only will it be one less item you can't recycle but it will also save you money in the end.

Be an eco birthday planner. Plastic forks, knives, plates, and napkins are a big culprit in the garbage game. When planning your next party try using flatware, reusable plastic plates and cloth napkins. It will save you an entire garbage bag of waste and you can use them at home and for your next party meaning you save even more.

Create your own compost. Creating your own compost is an excellent way to cut back on your garbage production. All of your peels, trimmings, extra pieces of fruit and vegetables, and even scraps of newspaper you haven't been able to ditch create the perfect superfood for gardens or plants. You can make your own composter which is an excellent way to recycle old plastic barrels or bins, or you buy one brand new or even used.

Try to fix it before you toss it. There is millions of YouTube videos showing you how to fix almost anything you could ever imagine. Anything from electronics to furniture and everything in between can be found on how to videos around the world. Take a look at some videos before you decide if it's trash you might be saving yourself some cash and a trip to the dump.

Quit using plastic bottles. There is no reason that we should be finding plastic bottles anymore. Let's say you enjoy soda once in a while, why not try a SodaStream machine instead and make your own into a reusable bottle. Not only will you buy less plastic bottles but you will cut back on sugar, caffeine and calories. If you just enjoy filtered water then buy a filter for your fridge and refill a plastic bottle or you can step it up and get a bottle that has a built in filter. I hope these tips can help you reduce waste and help you step up your recycling game. Rid Of It Vancouver Junk Removal recycles most of their materials when they can, how do you recycle?

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