Wednesday 11 April 2018

🍎 Spring clean your kids' snacks!

Spring has sprung, and with it comes the opportunity to clean out the clutter in your toddler's lunchbox, and refuel with the right nutrition to power through playdates and pre-school.  
Packed with organic vegetables, and superfoods, Baby Gourmet has recently introduced two fun, tasty products designed to not only be fun to eat, but nourish kids with wholesome ingredients. It has become more of a challenge these days for parents to pack healthy lunches and snacks with everyone always on the go companies have created sugary, salty confections that look appealing to children but are not good for them. It is very easy to just grab a bag of salty chips, chocolaty granola bars, and sugary gummies and stuff it in the bag but the nutritional value is next to nothing. 
How can we make positive changes and clean up the clutter of the lunchbox? I have a solution!

When packing lunches try to get them done the night before so you don't feel so rushed, this way you can plan and create the snacks that will keep them fueled without the crash later in the day.
Create a snack cupboard that is within reach of your toddler and have them help select healthy snacks for their lunch. Not only will this give you the chance to clean out the junk foods but it will create a way your child can grow and be more independent over time. Be sure to keep lots of Puffies, Shakers, Squoosh, and Slammers on hand.

Plan a baking/cooking night where you meal plan for lunches you can pop in the freezer and have ready to go all week. Get your child involved so that they can see the difference between the packaged foods and hearty homemade snacks and treats. This is a great way to get your child talking about food and nutrition outside of the home when they open their lunches with pride to show their friends that they helped make their snacks.

Get scientific and show your child how much sugar is in some of their favorite processed treats. Explain to them the dangers of sugar bugs to your teeth and body and how the sugar bugs slow your body down instead of giving them fuel to power through the day. Using superheroes or favorite characters in your references helps make the connection fun. "It will be harder to run as fast as Flash with all those sugar bugs in your body." "The pups wouldn't be able to rescue people if they have no energy."

Make snacking fun! Get little waterproof stickers to decorate your reusable containers, use cute shaped ice packs to keep things cool, buy colorful plastic utensils, let them pack a cloth napkin in a cute or fancy design. The more they can customize their lunches the more they can be proud of eating their healthy snacks. 
Baby Gourmet and Funky Frugal Mommy is giving two people an entire CASE of Puffies and a CASE of Shakers!

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  1. I include the kids lunches in my meal plan for the week, so they are thought out and prepared ahead of time to avoid the rush that causes bad choices.

  2. It's so difficult trying to keep my kids eating clean and healthy throughout the year. It takes a lot of time and money at the grocery store to make sure they are getting the nutrients that they need. Thank you for the tips on how to get them more involved in their own eating! Great website