Saturday 7 April 2018

Self Care Mother's Day Gift Ideas

It’s easy for moms to get lost in motherhood and forget about taking care of themselves. Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 13th, and while many dads and kids think that expensive jewelry and gifts are the way to show their appreciation to mom, Author, mother, and wellness expert  Kristy Rodriguez says that moms especially need help with self-care, and has great tips and gift ideas for different types of moms to help improve their well-being and self care this Mother’s Day and beyond! Kristy says self-care looks different for different types of moms -- whether a busy working mom, athletic mom, new mom, pregnant mom, or foodie mom. She has a visual round-up of gift ideas and activities for each type of DC mom!


Athletic moms
  • Foot massage with a tennis ball Or use a lacrosse ball- These can be used to massage your own back, neck, glutes, or hamstrings.
  • Water BottleLifeFactory is Kristy’s favorite. These are glass, non-toxic, and available in  fun colors and different sizes.
Pregnant moms
  • Pure Nurture Book: It’s the essential guide to self-care during pregnancy.
  • Coconut Oil or Sesame Oil: Keeps skin smooth, soft and hydrated with a natural product, no added ingredients or toxic chemicals. It also helps prevent stretch marks, and it is great to massage with the oil before or after your shower.
Foodie moms
  • A candle: Mindfulness at meal time. Help make mealtime a special time for mom. Kristy can discuss the difference between a healthy candle vs. a toxic candle.
  • Mason Jars. These are great for storage, trail mix, smoothie to go, overnight oats, flower vase, and good for the planet.
Busy working moms
  • Non-toxic Nail Polish for a at home manicure and pedicure. Kristy can share why non-toxic nail polish is important and also include some of her favorite brands.
  • Podcasts: Kristy has a list of her favorite inspiring, uplifting, funny or entertaining podcasts for mom to listen to on the way to work. Best part: They are free!
New Moms
  • Journal: A great way to practice gratitude.  This can also help mom keep track of feedings, write notes about how they’re feeling, letters to their little ones to put in a keepsake box for later.  
  • Dark Chocolate: These are a decadent treat packed with antioxidants and great for or moms avoiding coffee while nursing.  Kristy can share which chocolates are best and why, including ingredients.

  • As a dance minor in college, Kristy developed destructive habits including obsessive exercising and meticulous calorie-counting. She was later diagnosed with an eating disorder.  Kristy sought help after college and healed from her eating disorder.
  • Kristy’s father passed away from cancer three days after her 30th birthday.  She didn’t feel ready to get pregnant after suffering this loss and truly never felt ready.
  • Kristy stopped breastfeeding when her daughter was around nine months old, and postpartum depression symptoms set in.  Her therapist suggested a specialist, saying that postpartum does not necessarily mean you are symptomatic just after giving birth.  Her specialist prescribed antidepressants, which Kristy weaned herself off of after a period of time so she could get pregnant again.
  • During her second pregnancy, she was keenly aware that the postpartum depression could return, so decided to implement the self-care tools she shares in Pure Nurture.  She took better care of herself emotionally and hired a postpartum doula.  She practiced meditation and HypnoBirthing, and she framed her mind in a more healthy way.
  • Kristy has made it her goal to help the next generation through healthier pregnancies.  Mothers’ health directly affects the health of their babies -- and so many ailments that can be passed on through stress and anxiety during pregnancy.  Kristy was to reshape the way women experience pregnancy and the postpartum period.

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