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Healthy Back to School Lunch and Snack Ideas

School Lunches have to appeal to the eye. I have found the most success with setting up a child’s lunch like an appetize r sampler in a Bento Box. A Bento Box is a container with multiple compartments.   Try to include protein, healthy fats and color: fruit/veggie in each meal.   Some lunch examples include: 1.  Hummus, chopped veggies, rolled nitrate free cold cuts, and almond thin crackers or pita chips. 2.  “make your own pizza” pita bread, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, spinach, turkey pepperoni, with a side of fruit. 3.  Yogurt parfait- Greek yogurt with rolled oats or a low sugar granola, fresh fruit and chopped nuts. 4.  Sliced apples, peanut or almond butter, hardboiled egg, 1-2 oz. cheese, and mini English muffin or bagel. 5.  Corn Chips, guacamole, salsa, rolled chicken nitrate free deli meat, and ¼ c trail mix with dried fruit and nuts. 6.  Black bean soup  (or chili, or vegetable soup)  in a thermos, wheat crackers and chopped fruit. 7.  Cold cut sandwich on Ezekiel bread

DIY Kids Kite Craft + Printables

It can be a struggle to get the kids out of the house, especially in the summer. We’ve all tried weird and creative ways to get them outside and moving around, but usually within 20 minutes it's back to the couch and electronics. Fine! Challenge accepted. One thing I’ve found to work getting the kids involved is making some crafts. Better yet, crafts that can be used outside. I’m talking about DIY kites! Let your big kids help craft them (there is some minor sawing necessary), and the little ones decorate. Getting children involved in the creation process of their very own craft will help them feel a sense of pride and ownership of the final product! They’ll be excited to go play. To get started with some inspiration, begin with these printable kite decorations from Personal Creations . Have your kids choose from the goofy faces, ocean critters like stingrays and octopuses, or funny sayings. If your kids like painting like mine do, let them add their own design

Can You Save Money by Painting Your Roof White?

White roofs, also called cool roofs, are not only good for the environment but they can also help you save  some money. So, next time when your roof needs a new layer of paint, think about all the benefits that a white roof will bring you. How does a white roof work? The light from the sun hits the rooftops, but if your roof is dark, the light will instantly convert to heat, which causes both internal and external temperature of your home to rise. However, if your roof is white, the light reflects back up to 85% and doesn't heat up your home in contrast to a black roof, where only 20% of the sunlight will be reflected. Roofs like these are common in Greece, where steamy climate demanded a clever solution for long, sunny days. 1. Saving up on the electricity bill A black roof can cause the temperature to rise almost double when compared to the temperature of the outside air, while a white roof will cause the temperature only to rise very slightly in comparison to the

How Often Should You Clean These Household Items

Cleaning the house is something that not many people enjoy, but you may not realize how important it really is. Even though household fixtures like your sink and carpet may look clean, they could be teeming with bacteria. The harsh reality is that most people don't clean often enough to keep bacteria at bay. For example, you are supposed to clean your carpet once a week and have it professionally cleaned once a year. Who does that?! Even more shocking—you are supposed to clean your bathroom sinks and toilets every single day! Most people don't do this, but that's what you need to do for optimum sanitizing. Luckily, a simple wipe down with disinfecting wipes is enough to combat germs. Curious what other household appliances are deceptively dirty? Check out this infographic from HireAHelper below that explains how often you should clean 20 household items.

Planning The Perfect Frugal Family Road Trip

If you’re keen to embark on your annual family vacation, but your money situation isn’t looking as buoyant as it has done in previous years, don’t think that you have to skip the holiday this year. Instead, you may have to forget the flights to the Caribbean or the cruise to the Mediterranean and stick just a little closer to home. A road trip can be the ideal way of spending quality family time together while still seeing new sights, meeting new people and enjoying the cuisine of a region. The best thing about a road trip is the freedom it affords you as a family . You can choose to venture off on a far flung multiple thousand mile trip, or you could simply head to the coast for a few days. Whatever sort of vacation you want for your brood, a road trip could be the answer. Image by Budget Planning within your means is vital if you are to embark on a successful road trip . Make sure you know your budget before you start planning an itinerary. Consider how much you’ll be

Teaching Your Teenager About Money As a parent, one of the most important lessons you can give your child is about money. Managing our finances is something we are never taught about in school. We have to learn through experience. However, money mistakes can be costly - excuse the pun! They can stay with us for years and years to come. This is why it is important to make sure your children are financially savvy. With that being said, read on to discover more about teaching your teenager about money. Explain credit cards and the dangers of them - Simply warning your child away from a credit card is not a good idea, especially as they are going to need one to improve their credit rating. Instead, you need to teach your child about how credit cards work. You can find a good starting point at . Once you have told your child about how cards work, ma

The Top 3 Games To Combat The Summer With Kids - Giveaway!

Summer is sometimes one of the most difficult times for parents. Not only do we have to plan for where our kids are going to go but what they will do, how much it will cost, and what all can we afford. As a care provider I know how stressful it can be and I know how crazy your kids can drive you through summer break, trust me when there is 7 of them running around saying "I'm bored" you want to rip your hair out. But there is a solution, keep them stocked with things to do and you can at least attempt to save your sanity. Board games are huge around my place and these 3 are some of the funnest we have had yet:   Ages 4 and up, 2-4 players Get ready to have a Reel-y good time when you play Shark Bite! Snag the fish and be the winner, but if the shark jumps, you’ll be his dinner! Place the fun and colorful sea creatures into the game unit with a snap, and grab your friends to start playing. Players take turns rolling the die and fishing for the sea

Babies with Diaper Rashes More Susceptible to Staph Infections

Each year, about 5,000 babies develop severe Staph infections, with about one-tenth of those cases being fatal. (1) And it gets worse : 33% of people carry Staph in their noses, and generally do not show any signs of illness or infection. Meanwhile, one in every 50 people are carrying methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), an antibiotic-resistant bacterium which causes Staph infection. (2) Per Carman Campbell, creator of Swabbies Technologies , an organic and sanitary diaper rash application, the fact that staph is so rampant makes it even more likely for babies to come in contact with the infection – potentially leading to severe illness or in some cases, death. MRSA typically spreads by way of contaminated hands or direct contact with infected wounds. Carman says that for babies, it’s imperative that caregivers keep them safer from Staph infections by ensuring a sanitary environment – particularly when changing their diapers . SOL

Dozens of clever doodling exercises & ideas for cat people

Doodled Cats  is packed with creative prompts, fun feline facts, and step-by-step doodling projects for the feline fanatic in you — the perfect book for on-the-go artists. In  Doodled Cats , beloved artist and illustrator Gemma Correll provides inspiration and ideas for doodling a variety of different cat breeds in a fun, quirky style. From a Persian and a Sphynx to a Scottish Fold and Siamese, doodle enthusiasts will learn to draw and doodle all their favorite feline friends, in addition to anthropomorphic cats, fashionable furballs, and even cats in hats! A bonus project demonstrates how to create your own cat-doodled mug . This compact, hardcover book makes the perfect gift for on-the-go creative types and cat lovers alike.

What Are The Various Benefits Of Installing Energy Efficient Double-Glazed Window?

Energy efficient double glazed windows specially designed to offer heat insulation such that homes and buildings can save energy of air conditioner. The best part that you get with double glazed window is that, you can easily get warm air during winter and cool air during summer. You can install the windows with the help of professionals, and also reduce the overall costing of your electricity bills. These windows also block the heavy monsoon winds, dust and rain and keep your furniture safe and secure. Here is a list of various benefits of installing energy efficient double glazed window. ·   Control Inside Temperature of the Home Energy efficient double glazed windows offer temperature insulation to homes and buildings. These offer heat insulation and do not let heat transfer from one place to another. Thus, you will get advantage of lower temperature when there is rise in temperature in outer area and rise in temperature in winters when there is a fall of t