Wednesday 25 July 2018

Planning The Perfect Frugal Family Road Trip

If you’re keen to embark on your annual family vacation, but your money situation isn’t looking as buoyant as it has done in previous years, don’t think that you have to skip the holiday this year. Instead, you may have to forget the flights to the Caribbean or the cruise to the Mediterranean and stick just a little closer to home. A road trip can be the ideal way of spending quality family time together while still seeing new sights, meeting new people and enjoying the cuisine of a region.

The best thing about a road trip is the freedom it affords you as a family. You can choose to venture off on a far flung multiple thousand mile trip, or you could simply head to the coast for a few days. Whatever sort of vacation you want for your brood, a road trip could be the answer.


Planning within your means is vital if you are to embark on a successful road trip. Make sure you know your budget before you start planning an itinerary. Consider how much you’ll be spending on fuel, food, and accommodation. These are your essentials and areas that you don’t want to scrimp on. For everything else, set up a fun fund or something similar to dip into to go on excursions or eat out.

Your Vehicle

If you are venturing out on the open road, your little hatchback may not be the ideal vehicle for your requirements. Instead, head to a local specialist car hire company and consider an RV for your trip. By utilizing the services of an insurance broker, you could find some highly competitive insurance deals before packing everything you need into your mobile home for the week. In a recreational vehicle, you can pitch up where you like (within reason), sleep and cook all in the same place. This helps cut accommodation costs as well as eating out expenses.

Alternatively, you could choose to hire a sportier number, an off road vehicle or a classic saloon. Just make sure it’ll transport the family comfortably, can take all of your luggage and has a decent fuel economy. You could always try renting a party bus from Corpus Christi.


You don’t always have to venture to the most expensive attractions to have the best time together as a family. Disneyland is incredible, the Space Center is awe inspiring and Universal Studios could be the trip of a lifetime. However, the national parks, free museums and plentiful free summer festivals cost nothing and can help you create long lasting family memories.

When out on your road trip, why not consider venturing to the beach for a barbecue, having a picnic in the park or exploring forest nature trails? Take a look at your vacation budget and portion out your money for each day. On the days where you haven’t spent so much, you may have the chance to explore more paid attractions such as aquariums, zoos or theme parks.

Planning a perfect road trip for the whole family is a juggling act. You want to ensure everyone's interests are catered for, everyone remains safe and that your entire brood has a good time. Follow this advice, and you can maximize your chances of fun and frugal family road trip.

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