Wednesday 8 August 2018

3 Ways to Improve the Air Quality in Your Home

If you have kids, you have lots to worry about - it seems like they’re always figuring out new ways to hurt themselves! Today I want to talk about something that may hurt your child without ever knowing about it: air quality. Here are three ways you can ensure that your children are not suffering from poor air quality.

Fix Ventilation

Though this may never cross your mind on a normal day, air flow in your home can be a total game-changer, for good or bad. The fact is, symptoms of breathing issues and asthma can be undetectable for a long period of time before it shows more obvious signs. Call an HVAC company to repair your heater, ventilation systems, and get some tips on how best to keep vents clear and producing clean air.

No Smoking

This may be the most obvious way to protect little lungs, but if you have a vice that you can’t quit, make sure you’re only smoking outside. More and more people are quitting smoking every day, but the sad truth is that the new generation of smokers are more than likely from a home with a smoker. Make your home a “no smoking zone” so that doesn’t happen with your kids.

Humidity Levels

Do you know what the appropriate levels of humidity are in the home? Neither did I! I assumed it’s the same with most parents. Keep the humidity level at 30-50% in order to keep allergens and dust mites under control (they LOVE moisture). This also helps with the growth of mold and other nasty things that you should never have in your home.


There are lots of great tips and tricks to keep your kids healthy, but don’t forget that the foundation of health is being able to breathe fully and healthily. Keep those lungs safe!


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