Wednesday 3 October 2018

Simple Ways To Save Every Day


Saving money for your future and for your family is always super important. Mint is the core of life and unfortunately for us we can’t live a good lifestyle without it. To save money easier every single day and reach your goals in life, here are some of the things you can look at doing.

Craft it

If you want to save money on things in your home from furniture to decor to plant pots, you can upcycle or recycle old items you have lying around and revamp them into great crafts. If you love to do creative projects at home with the kids then you can have a quick search on Pinterest and get some inspiration on things you can do around the house to gain new objects without spending the earth on it.

Use cash instead of your card

The convenience of using a cash card for everything these days is just too much, and when it comes to using your card for shopping at the store you are likely to spend much more because you can’t physically see the cash leaving your purse. Next time you do a shopping trip take cash with you and leave your card and Home and you will immediately notice how much more reluctant you are to use the money you have because it will make your purse feel empty. It’s a great way to save money because you simply won’t want to spend it.

Make coffee at home

If you have a coffee every single day at work or at your local cafe, you will be spending a lot of money each week on this item. For example if a coffee costs you $3 every day, you’ll be spending $15 a week just on coffee and nothing else. When you put things into perspective it makes much more sense to purchase an eco friendly mug and use this every day to take with you to work.

Meal prep at the weekend

Food is always going to be a huge expense when you have a family running around and eating you out of house and home. When it comes to planning a shopping list for your family you are likely in the habit of choosing a different meal every day, but this isn’t the best way to plan food for your kids and your partner throughout the week. Instead, choose 3 big batch meals and cook these on a Sunday afternoon. They will be able to feed everyone for the week as well as give you lunches to take to work. You can then simply make sandwiches and salads for the kids and voila, the week is sorted!

Find free activities

A lot of the time trips to the cinema, the zoo, the amusement park and everything else in between can burn a huge hole in your personal finances and it is hard to think of a way of life which doesn’t involve spending this money on family days out. However there are many cheaper and free activities you can do at the weekend which can be just as fun. You can have a movie day at your house with snacks and pizza and a big blanket fort, you could go for a hike in the countryside and bring a picnic, or you can simply go to your local park and play football and frisbee. You don’t have to spend money to have fun!

Make passive income

Passive income is anything which you can earn while you are doing other things. For example the biggest form of passive income is investment. If you can invest a small amount of money into the stocks, into property or something else, you can build up an income from this which can be taken as a profit and split into savings and your next investment. It takes hardly any time and can be very lucrative for you as a family.

Avoid online shopping

Online shopping is the devil. It is far too convenient to buy your whole food shop, your clothes and all of your Christmas presents at once without even having to break a sweat and this can cause you to spend much more money than you would in a shop. Try to avoid online shopping as much as you can be not following them on social media and unsubscribing to newsletters. It will take the temptation away and allow you to save up a decent sum of money instead of soending it on shoes.

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