Tuesday 2 October 2018

Is Juicing Without a Juicer Easy?

Juicing is just as healthier as consuming whole fruits and vegetables. The main difference is that Juicing extracts are consumed in liquid form whereas eating them in whole. You can make quality juice using a juicer to complement your meal with more fresh fruits and vegetables on a regular basis. However, juicing without a juicer is not easy. So, it is well recommended to check out juicers to find out the best juicers for your juicing needs. Making juice using juicers is easy based on the advantages associated with the appliance. Explained herein, are some of the advantages that you will enjoy while using juicers to make juice. Even better, these advantages make juicing with a juicer easier than juicing without a juicer.
  1. Save Time

Time is a very important factor when it comes to juicing. Juicing without a juicer is a very time consuming process. Making juice without a juicer means that you will have to make the juice using a blender or any other home technique that can extract juice. Juicers operate at a very high speed thereby making more juice within a short period of time compared to making juice without a juicer. Juicing without a juicer involves many steps including chopping the fruits or vegetables, just to mention one example. Such steps make juicing without a juicer a little difficult. On the other hand, juicing with a juicer will eliminate some of these steps and make the whole juicing process very easy for you.
  1. Less Workload

Making juice without a juicer is not easy since it involves doing a lot of work. Using a juicer to make the juice will allow you to make juice and at the same time engage in other activities in the house including watching television, listening to music, or even talking to your friends and relatives. Using a juicer makes the whole process easier and convenient for you by allowing you to engage in other activities as well.
  1. Pack in More Nutrients

Juicing without a juicer does not remove a lot of bulk from the juice. Contrastingly, juicing with a juicer eliminates a lot of bulk from the juice enabling you to pack more vitamins, nutrients, and enzymes from more whole fruits and vegetables. Juicing without a juicer will pack fewer vitamins and nutrients with the same produce. As a result, you will have to work extra hard and consume more time to produce juice with more nutrients and vitamins. This makes juicing with a juicer easier to yield juice with more nutrients.
  1. Efficient with Many Fruits and Vegetables

Juicers can make juice from a variety of many fruits and vegetables. These appliances are mechanical and can, therefore, be used with most fruits and vegetables to make juice. Whether you are juicing a coconut or an onion, you will not worry about breaking the coconut’s flesh or having itchy eyes chopping the onions. Juicing these kinds of fruits and vegetables without using a juicer will be difficult.
  1. More Juice

You can easily make more juice using a juicer as compared to not using one. Juicers operate at very high speeds thereby extracting more juice from the whole fruits and vegetables. In the absence of a juicer, producing more juice would be more difficult since the process is very slow. Juicers will also squeeze all the juice from your fruit or vegetables while juicing without a juicer will not extract all the juice from your raw materials.
  1. Longer Shelf Period

Juice made using juicers have longer shelf periods and can thus be stored for longer periods of time. So how does this make producing juice with a juicer easier? While spinning at low speeds, some juicers expose juice to high pressure and less heat that prevents bacteria from growing in the juice for example cold press juicing method. This will enable you to make juice once and store it without the need of making juice again. Juicing without a juicer exposes the juice to no pressure hence bacteria can grow in the juice after a short period. You will then have to make juice again and making the juice more often is not easier than making juice once in a while.
  1. Can be Used Anywhere

Making juice without a juicer in your home is possible. However, it is practically impossible to make juice without a juicer while you are at work or school. You can easily make juice whether you are at home, work, or school since you only require power and your fruits or vegetables to make the juice. Therefore, it is easier to make juice using a juicer since it is convenient and can be used anywhere.

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