Wednesday 21 November 2018

6 Compelling Reasons to Send Your Child to Study Abroad

It is never too early to start thinking about the future of your child. If you know from an early age that the higher education system in your country is not adequate for the future you have installed for your child then sending him to study abroad is a wise decision. This will cost you a pretty penny, but it is an investment worth a while. You want your child to have a secure and safe future and sometimes only foreign colleges can provide this. If you are still indecisive, we offer you 6 more reasons why your child should be enrolled in a foreign school.

Experiencing a different culture

In some cases, parents may not make the decision of sending their child to study abroad based on the educational system of their native country. They could very well be satisfied with it but they nevertheless want their child to go abroad so he or she could live and study in a different cultural milieu. This way, they will become cosmopolitan and tolerant early on, and they may grow fond of living abroad. A different cuisine, a different lifestyle and a different culture altogether will broaden the child’s view of the world. They will experience new horizons and be ready to live a world that is becoming ever more globalized. Furthermore, Western universities welcome Asian and African students because they are aware of the importance of interculturalism.

Better quality education

The most common reason parents want their children to study abroad is simply the quality of education. According to the Academic Ranking of World Universities, better known as the Shanghai Ranking, top 15 universities are located in just two countries: the United States and the United Kingdom. In general, Western universities provide better education, so their campuses are international since students from every corner of the world study there. There is no reason why your child should not be among them one day.

Improving their language skills

The best technique to learn any language is immersion learning. This basically means that you move to the country where the foreign language is spoken and have to communicate in it every day. If your child studies abroad, then he or she will come back home with an impeccable accent of a foreign language. That is why if you want your child to learn English, send him or her to a country where English is the first language, like Australia. There are also various English language classes available, such as HSP, which are specialized in providing high school English preparation programs for non-native students.

Better job opportunities after college

After graduation comes the painstaking process of finding the right job. This can fall hard even on seasoned experts let alone a fresh graduate without work experience. That is why it is important that his diploma was issued by a world-renowned academic institution. This guarantees that they have the necessary knowledge for the job and that they have also had some form of an internship, preparing them for day-to-day tasks.

It’s a great investment

Many parents are dissuaded from sending their children to study abroad because of high initial costs. Tuition fees, accommodation, food, and a monthly allowance are just the tip of the iceberg for the final cost. However, this is money well spent, since your child will be able to get a better job after university and he or she could return the investment in no time. It is better that you “loan” them this money than the banks. Then they would be in real trouble, as thousands of former US students are.

If nothing else, it’s a great experience

No matter how much they travel the world, living, studying and interacting with foreigners from across the globe will prove to be an experience of a lifetime for your child. They don’t necessarily have to become a huge academic success, but they will return home with an experience that they simply could not have gained any other way.
Apart from these 6, there are other reasons why you should send your child to study abroad, but these are the most compelling. Academic careers, becoming fluent in a foreign language, and making friends from all over the world should be reason enough to start browsing applications for colleges abroad as of right now!

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