Wednesday 21 November 2018

Finding The Best Deals For The Holidays

The holidays are well on their way and it is officially time to start buying gifts for those you care about. But how do we find the best possible deals to stretch our dollars further? Here are a few great ideas:

• Shop the Black Friday sales this week! There are sales online and in store for everyone on your list. You can save hundreds of dollars on pricey items that you otherwise wouldn’t buy without the Black Friday deals. Personally I prefer to get the online deals to avoid the crazy rush of the holiday but to each their own.

• Look on Facebook for people selling brand new toys they no longer need or kids didn’t ever use. People are looking to make extra money right now so they are selling items at terrific prices to get their holiday cash together. You can find amazing deals by looking online in the Facebook marketplace.

• Buy your stocking stuffers at the dollar store. There are many high quality items that you can buy in the dollar store like toothpaste, toothbrushes, bath items, stationery, craft supplies, and candy. The dollar stores sell many brand name items that the big lot stores carry at lower prices.

• Are you the type of shopper that stands out from the crowd and doesn’t tend to buy the same gift year after year? Ordering from great e commerce sites with unique and new items everyday may just be the shopping spot for you. Sello connects shoppers with hundreds of products at discounted rates so you never have to pay full price again. 

• Another great option is to make hand crafted gifts. You can make many things even if your not talented at sewing, knitting or crafting. Even a decorative tin of cookies is a great handmade sentiment that people will appreciate. Keep it simple and it will be appreciated by the receiver. 

• If you can’t afford any gifts this year try giving the gift of your time. Offer to babysit your neighbors kids so they can go out. Clean your parents home for them for a week. Or visit the lonely elderly folks at the retirement centres. Nobody wants to be alone at Christmas and just giving people some of your time can be worth more than you can imagine. 

So depending on what type of shopping you plan on doing this holiday season just know there are so many great options to help you save your hard earned money.

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