Sunday 4 November 2018

Alchema Cider, Beer, Wine, & Mead Maker

House Your Style. Effortlessly. Uniquely.

Crafting your natural refreshing cider, beer, wine, & mead to pair with your meal and special occasion.

Drink and food pairing preferences are very individual. And that is where ALCHEMA comes in. We help you identify what drink to make given your individual taste and the food groups you wish to pair with. When you discover that near perfect match, you will be surprised it truly does enhance both your food and your drink.

Besides drink & food pairing, ALCHEMA uses tech to help you make fresh drinks from your leftover fruits.

What better way to make use of your leftover fruits by turning them into delicious drinks. No more food wasting, ALCHEMA machine is a great alternative to throwing away unused fruit.

1. Choose a recipe from App

The expertly crafted recipes on the ALCHEMA App makes it easy to make crowd-pleasing drink. Or if you are feeling creative, go ahead and create your own! You have full control in flavor, alcohol content from ABV 4% to ABV 14%, and sweetness from dry to sweet. You get to decide.

2. Get squeaky clean

Never worry about bacteria and microorganisms again. ALCHEMA incorporates medical grade UV-C LED light to sanitize the pitcher before the fermentation.

3. Drop in your ingredients

It’s simple, just add in the ingredients, typically fruit, sugar, water, and an ALCHEMA yeast packet. ALCHEMA lets you focus-in on the most important information of your batch, like current alcohol content, sweetness, and completion percentage.

4. Hands-off! It’s time for some fermentation magic!

ALCHEMA monitors the fermentation and instantly notifies you once your batch is ready. Have your next batch of drink ready in 1-2 weeks. Since it is natural, the time varies with the sweetness, alcohol content you want, and the environment.

Technology brings you the easiest way to create alcoholic beverages at home. The stunning look of the machine makes it a counter top appliance you will be proud to share with friends and family. You will save hundreds by making your own drinks for every occasion!

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  1. Wow! This is super cool :) I would love to try this myself