Saturday 3 November 2018

Personalize Your Bathroom – Get Custom Made Vanity Units

A vanity unit is an integral aspect of an individual’s personal space and comfort zone. Everyone has unique tastes and preferences. Thus, ideally, it is best to have a vanity unit which is an extension of a person’s personality. This is where custom made vanity units come in. Instead of opting for standardized vanity units, it is best to customize a unit based on one’s unique needs and preferences. It will also ensure the effectiveutilization of space and specialized design that is in sync with the other elements of surroundings



Advantages of Custom Made Vanity Units:


The most important advantages of customized units are as follows:


#1. Variety of Options: Customization of vanity units has no limits. Everything depends on your imagination. You can choose from a huge range of color, designs, shapes, styles, and materials. There are numerous price ranges too. You can opt for a highly economical vanity unit made with plywood, or, you can install a high-end model made with teak. 


#2. Control Over Quality: As custom made vanity units are made based on specific instructions of the buyer, there is no compromise on quality. You will have complete control over the materials used, quality of materials and efficiency of workers, design, etc. Some companies even give the option of having workers create your vanity unit in front of you, on location at your home. Thus, you will be able to oversee the entire development process and make changes if some aspect is not up to the mark. 


#3. Uniqueness: You can give your vanity unit a unique identity. You can design it yourself or can have specialized designers or companies design an option for you. You can even get inspired by vanity units highlighted in different magazines, TV shows or films. You can ensure that your vanity unit is one of a kind and there is only one model like it in the entire world.


Types of Customized Vanity Units:


Significant types of vanity units are as follows:


#1. Free Standing Models: These are highly flexible and moveable units which offer plenty of storage space. They can be designed to meet your specific storage needs. They don’t need to be bolted or glued and are free to be shifted as per your convenience. This type of custom made vanity units can come with wheels or trolleys in order to make their movement more convenient. 


#2. Shaving Units: These are usually small and meant to store toiletries. The designs are generally minimalistic but can be customized as per your taste. They have adequate space for all kinds of shaving equipment, cosmetics, etc.


#3. Wall Hung Models: These are hung on the walls and take a very short amount of space. They utilize space very well and are perfect for small and compact apartments and bathrooms. They can be customized to match or contrast the colors of the curtains, walls, and tiles of your apartment. 


#4. Dual Sink Units: These are perfect for spacious bathrooms and apartments. They are a bit large and take up a lot of space. Hence, they are not suitable for compact spaces. There are two sinks and multiple cabinets. This type of custom made vanity units can be highly effective for couplesand large families, etc. 


When you will involve a reputed company that specializes in customization of vanity units to you will get the best results and the product of your choice and tasteLet your imagination run wild and discuss with a specialized designer to get custom made vanity units which are perfect for you.

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