Tuesday 4 December 2018

4 Reasons to change your air filter in the winter

You cannot predict what will happen with our electric equipment at home. As a result, we need to have proper maintenance for all our mechanical possessions. Some will require that we change their parts from time to time. Many people overlook the air filter of their home’s heating and cooling system. There are excellent reasons to change your humidifier filter as the rage of winter kicks into full swing. First, it is best to call a licensed contractor to service your humidifier since they will give you reliable advice on how to keep the humidifier working. In addition, they know which brand names in the air filter market are suitable for your humidifier. Therefore, here are four reasons to change your air filter in the winter.

  1. Air Quality Improvement. We all know that a brand new air filter will provide the best air quality in your home. The winter season brings with it the dangers of allergies. The air filter is the first line of defense since it blocks any allergens from entering your home. If you are asthmatic, you will enjoy the clean air when indoors. An old and dirty air filter will have a negative impact on the air quality. If you have a pet around the home, a new air filter will assist in reducing the amount of pet dander.

  1. Increase the System’s Lifespan. Another reason why you need to change the air filter in your HVAC is to increase its lifespan. A clean air filter in a well-maintained system will require less maintenance to the compressor, motor, and other internal components because it provides a smooth passage for air to flow through the system. In turn, this will reduce overheating. Overheating occurs when there is no flow of air into the ventilation ducts. A new air filter will also reduce the amount of energy consumption.   A clogged air filter can also cause damage to your HVAC system.

  1. Protect the Environment. Not cleaning and replacing your air filter often is essentially failing the environment. A clogged air filter means a hard-working HVAC system, which leads to the release of carbon monoxide and other greenhouse gases to the environment. You do not have to give up all forms of comfort in your life to run an eco-friendly home. Something simple like changing the air filter on a regular basis can make a huge difference.

  1. A hassle-free Holiday Season. The holiday season can be stressful. The season requires you to do many things. You have to purchase a list of presents, family gatherings, and other things that can go wrong. If you replace your air filter, you will have reduced one possible stressful thing. You can go about other businesses knowing that your air solutions will work well and use less power. A new air filter will also reduce the operation cost, which means you can use the saved money to settle other stressful things.

Now you can plan on how to change that air filter and have a safe winter season.

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