Saturday 1 December 2018

6 Tips to looking gorgeous over age 60

Whether a man or woman everyone wants to look good when in their sixties. But, sometimes, your age might limit you to thinking that you are not beautiful or handsome enough. You can still maintain a younger look even after your 60th birthday. Using the below tips you can bring back your self-confidence, smile, charm and glow and beat the aging effects. Here are simple tips to looking gorgeous over age 60.

Eat a balanced diet

The right diet will not only make you energetic, but it will also give you a flawless, young looking skin. Eat foods rich in antioxidants, mostly fruits, and vegetables such as onions, broccoli, apples, red grapes, and berries. Prepare delicious salads as part of your meal.

Most of these foods have properties that reduce the effects of aging. You can also include green tea in your morning routine. Other foods, especially omega-3s, replenish skin cells, making you look younger. Reduce your intake of fatty foods since most of these can cause health problems.

Choose the right products

You can never go wrong when you know which products to use. Pick a foundation color that fits your complexion and use a small, pointed brush to spot-apply. Use natural moisturizers to retain moisture into your skin. When going out, apply a sunscreen or wear a stylish hat. This will block your face and skin from the harsh rays of the sun.

Touch up your hair

You might slightly notice that several strands of your hair have turned gray over the years. While some might have no problem with gray hair, others feel uncomfortable. Cover your gray hairs by applying some highlight. You can either do this yourself using a home kit or seek the services of a professional hairdresser. Get more fresh tips on baby boomer women for a gorgeous look.

Choose a color that complements your complexion, brightening your facial appearance. Gray or white hair blends well with pink or dark complexions. Alternatively, you can weave in highlights with your gray hair. This will help to brighten and enrich the original color while still maintain your gray hair. Apply some conditioner to moisturize your hair and add a few drops of essential oil to add some shine.

Frequently exercise

Exercise is good for the body since it keeps it functioning and allows blood circulation. But, do not engage in vigorous exercises that might hurt you. Have a simple exercise routine that allows you to burn some extra calories every day such as jog for a few hours or practice yoga. This will help maintain a healthy body and give you extra energy.


Nothing beats a smiling face. Brush and floss your teeth to give them a bright look. The same applies to your face. Include an exfoliator in your skin care routine to remove any dull, looking dead skin.

Upgrade your wardrobe

Change your wardrobe, adding a stylish touch to it by upgrading to nice well-fitting clothing. Avoid clothing that is too big since it will make you look older. Try out different outfits and settle on a style that you are confident and comfortable in for a younger, natural look.

Ensure that you maintain a jovial and happy mood at all times. Keeping the right company of friends will enhance healthy behaviors, leaving you feeling young, healthy and confident.

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