Thursday 20 December 2018

Keeping your Sanity when you have Children

Children are a blessing. However, as a parent, you are probably wondering, amid the cries, screams, squabbling and non-stop questions, how to keep some sanity in your home, and your headIt is not always easy to stay centred, but it is possible. Here are a few suggestions that can help you get there.


Spend Time with Adults


Spend some time with adults. Meet with other parents and let the kids play together while you have a grown-up conversation. Being friends with parents who understand what you are going through can put things in perspective.


Stay in touch with old friends. Being a parent does not define who you are. Spend some time with people who knew you before. You will be better able to keep in tunewith yourself.


If you are a stay-at-home mom, go back to work, even if it is just a few hours a week. Dealing with adult matters in an adult world will help you regain a sense of normalcy.


Take a Break


Take breaks whenever you can, even if it is only for ten minutes. Baby is finally asleep; sit down, relax, read, drink some tea. The vacuum and dishes can wait. You will cherish those small quiet moments.


Make Time for Yourself


It might not be obvious, but make some time for yourself and your couple. Have a date night. If you cannot find a babysitter, spend quality time together after the kids are asleep. Have an at-home spa day, or buy something that makes you happy. Whether it be that cute little black dress you have been eyeing for a while, or treat yourself to an at-home facial treatment.

 You work hard. A mom’s job is never doneYou need to take care of yourself, and that means spending some time and money on yourself once in a while.


Go Outside


A change of scenery can be beneficial for you and your kids. Put the baby in his stroller and take a walk. When it seems like your kids are climbing up the walls, bring them outside to play. The fresh air will do you good, and thechildren can let their excess of energy out.


Laugh and Let Go


Laugh it out and let go. Your kids will get dirty, cry, scream, have a fit, break things and so on. You know what? You cannot control everything. Choose your fights and learn to tune out the rest. When the day ends, instead of being stressed, you will be content and sane.

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