Thursday 20 December 2018

Weird But True! Books kids want to have!

Kids are constantly asking questions about everything and they continue to grow and absorb so much everyday! Having books around that answer kids burning questions about nature, the world, and everything in it is an excellent way to save your sanity. National Geographics Weird But True! series is an excellent way to fill those curious little minds with knowledge. 

There are ten Weird But True! books in the original series with fun facts about animals, food, Christmas, and much more! The series has published over 15,000 facts and has become a huge hit in bookstores across the globe! Over seven million copies have been sold around the world and there are 32 books to collect altogether. 

A portion of all the books help support National Geographic’s conservation, research, and education projects that help our planet.

Keep your kids learning unique facts and growing by getting them to check out this amazing series. One of the first facts ever published was: 99 percent of people can’t lick their elbows but 90% of people who read this will try... 

You tried didn’t you?

Get your kids to enter this awesome contest from Nat Geo: 

Kids ages 6–14 are invited to enter the Weird But True! Canada contest to submit their own verifiably weird facts about their hometown, province, or country at January 31, 2019.

Give them books to read until they can’t read anymore! 

You can find the series in Indigo, Barnes & Noble, independent bookstores, Target, Walmart, Amazon, and almost anywhere books are sold for $7.99 in the US and $10.99 in Canada. 

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