Wednesday 16 January 2019

21 Smartphone Apps to Help Manage Your Money

The idea of dealing with finances can be an intimidating thought for some people. It’s more than just paying your bills at the end of every month — it’s about saving, budgeting, investing, paying off debts and everything else that comes along with money. The way that we spend our money now can impact the rest of our lives, so it’s vitally important that we manage it well. Luckily, there are tons of resources available to help with money management, many of which you can access in the palm of your hand!

The team at Wikibuy put together this guide on 21 different smartphone apps that can help you manage your financial life. They’ve included apps that give you a holistic view of your spending habits that can offer recommendations on how to save money, apps that help you track your personal and professional expenses, and apps that help you share expenses with people like roommates, coworkers or family. Whether you’re looking to regain control on your finances or are simply interested in learning more about investing and spending, there’s an app that’s perfect for your money needs.

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21 Apps to Help Reach Your Financial Goals

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