Wednesday 9 January 2019

Cut out Fortnite, tablets, and TV for wholesome active play!

If you have a child I’m sure you have gone through the many struggles of screen time addiction, video games, Fortnite, and simply not moving off the couch all winter break. It can be a stressful situation having the fight and even harder to handle after a long day of work, travel, or even just being a mom. Sometimes it seems so easy to simply give in and let them play the games, watch the shows, or sit on the tablet. 

The sad truth is that laying around on the couch or playing games is not healthy for your kids. They crave physical challenges and their growing bodies need it to stay healthy and happy.  A child’s body needs to be worked out and it is one of the best things you can encourage. Creating a fun play space using an air track small enough to fit into your child’s play room is a great new way to maintain active play.

Changing up the way you get your child to play is a great way to get them more excited to go out and play. Encourage playing outside with new toys, inviting friends over, or letting them build their own play equipment. Having them more involved is a great way to give them an exciting reason to go outside and play.  Taking them to different parks and play dates gives them a change of pace and they love to enjoy different environments. Look at the airtrack home edition price and think about the sanity you will save by creating a fun play room for your little ones. 

Create indoor play that challenges their bodies. Play tunnels, building forts, ball pits, air tumble track for gymnastics, and small slides are a great way to encourage physical play. Having your child off the screens and doing something healthy like rolling around on a gymnastics mats is such a fun and different way to encourage physical fitness.

Having your child moving their bodies makes them feel great and gives you a break later in the day when they have tuckered themselves out. Keep it fresh, new, and fun and your child will be happy to go and play and stay off the Fortnite and tablet screens we loathe. 

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