Thursday 10 January 2019

10 Ways You Could Be Inviting Unwanted Visitors Into Your Home

All throughout the year, taking preventative measures to ensure you’re not inviting unwanted wildlife and bugs into your home is imperative. Pests can cause a huge ruckus when they find their way inside of your abode; they can eat through your wires, dig deep into your walls, weaken and ruin your furniture, bring disease as they get into your food and water sources, and so much more. However, if you don’t know how you’re letting unwanted visitors into your home, this post will tell you.

Below are 10 things you could be doing that could be telling those creepy crawlies and critters to come on in. Take a look and make sure you don’t keep on making the same mistakes:

  1. Leaving Food Out In The Kitchen

Leaving food out in the kitchen is a great way to send a metaphorical Bat signal out to waiting critters (not just bats, FYI). Dried food that hasn’t been cleaned off the sides, and containers that are not sealed properly can do the trick, too. Food that you’ve been meaning to throw away can also be a problem. You should get rid of uneaten pet food asap, too. Don't leave it festering in your pet’s bowl. Keeping your kitchen clean is so important, so make sure you clean and tidy after every meal you make.

2. Leaving Cracks And Crevices for Bugs To Hide

Slugs, cockroaches, and other pests love cracks and crevices to hide in. Then, when the coast is clear, they’ll venture out into your home at night. You can start by blocking up gaps beneath and on top of the sink immediately, as many pests will use them to access a water source. Make sure you deal with cracks and crevices as soon as you find them - don’t wait until it’s too late and you have a big problem.


3. Failure To Keep A Close Eye On Your Pets

Your pets are another sneaky way pests can get into your home. They can bring bugs in from the garden, and while cat fleas are the most common, dogs can bring home pests too. You should get treatment from a vet ASAP, and be vigilant with keeping your home clean and your pets away from one another if you notice a problem. You don't want the issue to spread to your other pets!

4. Stamping Out Pests

It can be tempting to stamp on a pest once you see one, but if you stamp on a cockroach, you could be spreading their eggs - each one contains 16-30. Either invest in proper home treatment or call in Pest Control experts to get rid of your problem. That’s the only way to avoid the shock of your life as you’re surrounded by baby cockroaches!

5. Not Investing In The Essentials

Bedbugs are a major problem, but for the most part they can be helped with a great vacuum cleaner. Make sure you have a powerful one on hand. This will help to keep your home maintenance easy in general, and also help you to keep pests away. For those who travel, they are especially easy to bring home in your suitcase. Make sure you’re hyper vigilant if you like to go to different places, or you could be bringing them home with you. Or, suppose you live in New Jersey, you could just simply contact a pest control nj to get rid of bugs and other pests.

6. Not Having Your Windows/Doors Properly Sealed

You’d be surprised at how many unsealed gaps you find when you inspect the entrance to your home. Insects can crawl under your door and through pretty much any gap into your home. Make sure you find the gaps and seal them up to stop them from coming in. You can usually do this yourself as the job isn’t too difficult - check out YouTube videos to help you.


7. Not Taking Time For Basic Garden Maintenance

Basic garden maintenance is key if you want to keep your home healthy and free from pests. Checking trees and overhangs beneath roofs and other areas that bees build their nests is a great way to avoid a large hive being built. Honey Bee Removal needs to be done by professionals to ensure they are properly relocated without harming the precious colonies. Eliminating pooled water will get rid of mosquitoes as they need it to breed, so make sure you have regular drainage channels like gutters and drains. You may need to aerate your lawn. Change the water in your birdbaths and fountains at least once a week to stop bugs from breeding, and remove piles of debris asap before pests have a chance to set up camp there. Keeping on top of your garden maintenance will ensure bugs and pests aren't staking out your home. 

8. Storing Your Trash Haphazardly

You have to store your trash properly, as cockroaches and other pests find them incredible. You should put old food in a can with a lid, and it should be emptied each night. You shouldn’t have food in wastebaskets around the house. All interior and exterior trash receptacles and recycling bins should be cleaned and sanitized regularly to ensure that nothing is breeding inside of there unbeknownst to you.

9. Not Using Fans in the Heat

Using fans in the heat can give you some respite from the weather, but they serve other purposes, too. This can do more than keep your air conditioning costs down - it can help keep unwelcome critters at bay. Flies tend to love still air! While fans don’t exactly blow them away, they make the air turbulent enough to stop them from sticking around. Don’t be afraid to put those fans on.

10. Not Tending To Your Clutter Fast Enough

If you have a cluttered home or areas where you like to hoard, you’re giving pests and bugs places to hide. When you tend to your clutter, there are fewer places for insects to hide - and you benefit too. Your home becomes more beautiful and easier to clean, and you don’t have to worry about expensive pest control treatments. Make sure you stay on top of your clutter and try to look at things objectively rather than emotionally. Set aside a day to do it if you have to - doing a little bit each day will feel like you’re sorting it out forever!

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