Friday 25 January 2019

How to make road trips with kids easier!

If you fail to plan properly, traveling with a toddler can transform your road trip from the much-anticipated thrill into an incredible nightmare! However, several tips can help you enjoy every minute of your journey even when a toddler is in the equation.

Prepare Your Car in Advance

Your car is a crucial component of a successful road trip. You should inspect it several hours before the offset. Ensure that your windshield wipers are working to avoid frustrations in case of a downpour. Also, you should confirm that the engine coolant is working optimally lest you find yourself in the middle of the forest with a non-functional engine. If you’re not confident about checking the car yourself, you should consider hiring a professional mechanic. Ensure that you follow the mechanic’s advice to the latter to avoid disappointments on the D-day.

You Must Have a Roadside Assistance

Many travelers tend to ignore the crucial role that roadside assistance plays in a road trip. It’s necessary to confirm whether your auto insurance plan covers this service before acquiring a standalone plan. You’re obliged to ensure that the program you adopt covers the most frustrating situations. This may include tow services, fixing a flat tire, and unlock services in cases where you leave your keys inside the car.


However, some emergencies will not wait for a roadside assistance service provider! For example, if you lock your child as well as the car keys inside the car, you shouldn’t hesitate to break the window especially if the inside is getting uncomfortably stuffy.

Never Leave a Child Alone in the Car

While this is the last thing that any parent would think of, some situations can lead to confusion and consequently leaving a toddler alone in the car! However, it does not matter the situation you’re in; you should never leave your child alone in the car; it’s better to be late than sorry.

Always Inspect Your Toddler’s Car Seat

Your child’s safety should always be a priority! You should contact a certified child passenger safety technician to ensure that the seat is correctly positioned. As the technician fix the seat, it’s necessary that you observe keenly to learn all the procedures for future installations and inspection that meet all the legal requirements.

Use the Child’s Car Seat Correctly

Once the technician completes the installation process, you should resist the temptation to change its position. While you may want to place the child in a strategic location where you can monitor their activities, you should never do it!

Have a First Aid Kit in Your Car

While on the road, you should be prepared for any eventuality. First aid kit comes in handy in cases of bruises, allergic reactions, bites, sunburns, or splinters. Before you begin the trip, ensure that you confirm that the kit is fully equipped with all the necessary first aid tools.

Always Carry Some Toys

This is particularly important if you are the driver. It’s difficult for you to keep the toddler entertained while concentrating on driving. In this case, you will need toys to keep the child busy as you keep your eyes on the road.

You Need More than Just Toys

Just like any other human being, toddlers are bored with monotonous activities. At some point, your child will get tired of toys, and it’s up to you to provide an alternative. You can use kids’ music to keep them engaged or incorporate kids’ DVD to allow them to watch cartoon movies as well as play their favorite games! No need to shell out a fortune on entertainment, however. If you use coupons, you can get activities for your baby from JCPenney at a fraction of the price!

“If you aren’t sure where to stock up, JCPenney has a great selection of stuffed animals, toys, and activities for little ones.”

Carry Some Blankies and Binkies

While road trips are fun, they do not provide the comfort that the toddler can get at home. To provide comfort, ensure that you keep some blankies and binkies close to them. This will give the much-needed dose of comfort and a break from the inactivity that characterizes the confinement into the car.

Never Panic Over Tears

You can be certain that your toddler will cry at some point. The journey will be too long for them and the discomfort unbearable. As such, if you’re traveling for long distances, you should always be prepared for tears!


If you’re not anywhere close to a rest stop, you may have to devise a method to calm the baby down without losing focus on the driving. Always remember that driving is your top priority and no amount of tears should distract you from the road.


Even when your child is crying, their safety is guaranteed on the chair. It would be worse if you try to reassure and calm them and in the process cause an accident thus exposing them to more dangers. 


If you’re not in a position to stop, it’s advisable to play the child’s favorite music, offer drinks, or sing engaging songs. 


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