Thursday 24 January 2019

Tips for Hosting A Stress Free Dinner Party

Hosting a dinner party can be stressful  and time consuming. If your not organised you can end up spending the whole running around and never get the chance to enjoy yourself. Here are our top tips for hosting a great party and ensuring you and your guests have an amazing time. 

Self-Service Drinks

Having drinks out and ready so your guests can serve themselves will take the pressure off of you, particularly if you have a lot of cooking to do whilst your guests are present. If you’re serving drinks which need to be chilled (like white wine) having a dedicated drinks fridge set up is a big help. 

Having a drinks fridge also helps to save space in your fridge, so you aren’t rummaging around for a hidden bottle! You can also make cocktails prior to your guests arriving and add ice at the last moment to keep them cool. If you want to wow your guest make sure you do some research on some delicious cocktails like  Pineapple Rosé Sangria Por Raspberry-Rhubarb Collins  that you can make in a jug and serve with ease. 

Home Prep is Key 

Do as much preparation as you can beforehand. Whether this is preparing food, cleaning the house, emptying the trash or laying the table, doing as much prep as you can will help your evening run smoothly. The less you have to do at the time, the better, as you can spend more time with your guests. You don’t want to be vacuuming or emptying the dishwasher when your guests are there. 

Food Preparation  

Prep as much of your food as possible before. If you can choose a menu where you don’t have to do much cooking in the moment, your party will run much more smoothly, and you will be much less stressed!

 There are many options for set and forget meals. You could get your hubby to throw the meat in one of the best pellet smokers morning of the event. That way end up with a meal that has done the hard work itself. You can also make your dessert the night before and keep it in the fridge, also try chopping up all your vegetables beforehand and store everything in containers – then all you need to do is add them to the pan! 

Know Your Guests

Make sure you’re aware of the likes and dislikes and of your guests Your guests will feel disheartened if they end up having to eat something they can’t eat. You also need to be aware of any allergies or intolerances your guests may have. 

Timing is Important 

Write out your timings and plan as best you can. Having timings written down for when things need to go in the oven and how long everything needs to cook for will alleviate any silly mistakes. Even if it’s something you cook often, your mind can go blank when you are under pressure – you don’t want to end up with over cooked veg! 

Provide Snacks 

It’s good practise to have some snacks laid out for your guests to graze on whilst they are waiting for their food. They can also be a saving grace if your timings grow a little awry and you need to keep your guests satisfied during a longer wait than anticipated. There are lots of simple party snack ideas, which can be whipped up in a flash in an emergency. 

Plan your Party

Planning as much of your party as you can, means there is less to worry about on the day. It’s so easy to forget something in the run up to party day, like the drinks or seats or everyone.

It’s also a good idea to make sure you have practised what you are cooking before the day, cooking something you have never made before puts you under a great deal of pressure. Ensure you get a planning checklist to make sure you haven’t missed anything! 

With proper planning you can take the pressure off yourself. This means you can enjoy your party as much as your guests without running around like a headless chicken.

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