Kid's Craft: Make Your Own "Perfume"!

Kids are exploring the world around them from the moment they are born. They use their senses to play and learn at the same time. It's always a win when moms can find an activity that satisfies both of those needs.

Well, this children's activity allows kiddos to make their very own "perfume" is definitely one of them! The children will be able to make a scent that they can spray on themselves just like you. Simply follow the instructions below, and you can download the printable labels here!

Step 1: Prepare your materials.

You will need a few things to make your scent. You'll need some smell-good items like flowers and fruit, some glitter for flair, some liquid to mix it in and a spray bottle to put it in. Once you have all of the supplies, lay them out on the table hand have your kids gather 'round. You can find the full list of ingredients below.

Step 2: Gather Your Herbs and Flowers

Your participants will now need to choose what they want their "perfume" to smell like. Have them choose from the available herbs and flowers to create the desired scent. Let them mash the pedals between their fingers to get a better sniff! Once they have chosen, they should add them to the large, clear plastic jar.

Step 3: Choose Some Fruity Notes

Now is the time to add some fruity notes to your scent. Have the kids smell pieces of cut fruit and decide which they like best, then they can add them to the big clear jar too.

Step 4: Add Some Fun and Sparkles!

This part is fun. You can allow the kids to choose some pretty, sparkly items to the mix just for fun. You can let them add a few drops of food coloring, some glitter or any other very small, shiny items to the large clear jar. Keep in mind that these may get funneled out later.

Step 5: Funnel the "Perfume" Into Spray Bottles

Now, help your kiddo use the funnel to pour their newly made scent into the smaller spray bottle. Let them enjoy the scent as you pour it in and start thinking about what you will name the scent.

Step 6: Choose Your Perfume Label

Now, you can print out your perfume labels and choose which one you want to use! You can either print them onto an uncut sticker template or simply tape them on. There are a few pre-named labels and some are blank — feel free to get creative. 


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