Saturday 23 February 2019

Family-Friendly, Budget -Friendly Decorating Tips

 Before you spend money trying to replicate a room design you’ve seen in a magazine, store display or on television, stop and think about how well that design fits your current lifestyle. If your home is a haven for energetic children and lively pets, practicality is a key factor to consider when decorating. You can have an attractive home décor that’s frugal and practical simply by making wise decorating choices. 

Choosing Furniture

When choosing furniture for a family-friendly, pet-friendly environment, it’s best to purchase the most durable, well-made furniture your budget allows. Buying long-lasting, quality furniture can prevent you from having to repeatedly replace inexpensive furniture that can’t hold up in an active household. You definitely want to select furniture with upholstery that’s easy to clean and durable. Leather, twill, denim and natural-fiber material are good choices. Furniture with rounded corners is a smart choice if you have small children.

Storage Ideas

A well-used family room can quickly become cluttered if you don’t have ample storage space. Built-ins such as a bookcase or bench seat are an excellent way to gain storage and organizational space. Selecting accent tables that have an open space underneath is a smart move. You can place baskets under the table to serve as storage space for toys, blankets, magazines, books and lots of other items. Take advantage of vertical space to store items that you want to keep out of the reach of children. Storage ottomans can be an invaluable accessory in a family room. 

Define Spaces

Lodge style rugs work well in a family-friendly décor. They add a burst of color to the room and are durable enough to withstand a high activity level. Roth rugs are a great way to define spaces in a room. A seating arrangement placed in the middle of the room leaves space for a play area against the wall. Lodge style rugs can be used to unify the seating area. A colorful rug can provide a comfortable play space in the family room. 

Wall Art

By putting a large portion of your decorating budget into furniture, you may need to be frugal when choosing decorative art. Framing and hanging pieces of your child’s artwork is a frugal decorating tactic. It’s also an excellent way to boost their confidence and make the family room unique. Wall words or wall hangings with a quote that reflects your family’s humor or feelings are an inexpensive way to decorate the family room.

When you have young children, furnish and decorate your home so that everyone feels comfortable there. Enjoy their exuberance. Leave the high-end décor for later years.

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