Sunday 24 February 2019

Maple Syrup Season with Cabot Trail Cream

With the cold weather in full swing, maple syrup season has finally arrived and there is no better time to enjoy the uniquely Canadian taste.  


What’s more Canadian than warming up with a cocktail by the fire this winter?


When spending your days indoors, why not create some fun winter cocktail recipes to enjoy with family and friends. For an authentic Canadian taste, make them with Cabot Trail Maple Cream, a distinctly Canadian maple liqueur made with Grade A Canadian maple syrup.


Learn more about Cabot Trail Maple Cream here and check out these recipes to enjoy this winter.


Canadian Coffee



30 ml (1 oz.) Cabot Trail Maple Cream

Hot coffee

Chantilly cream

Chocolate pearls or maple cookie (optional)



1.    In a coffee cup or toddy glass, add Cabot Trail Maple Cream.

2.    Top up with hot coffee.

3.    Garnish with Chantilly cream and chocolate pearls.


Flying Canoe 



30 ml (1 oz.) Cabot Trail Maple Cream

15 ml (1/2 oz.) red vermouth

20 ml (3/4 oz.) cassis liqueur

20 ml (3/4 oz.) Lot no.40 Canadian Whisky

Sour cherries

Mint leaves



1.    Shake and strain liquid ingredients into an old-fashioned glass.

2.    Garnish with sour cherries and mint leaves.


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