Sunday 24 February 2019

How to Start a Statue/Decor Business

Cement decorations last for years and create great gifts, amazing decor, fun art projects and unique conversation pieces. Depending on where you live you may have access to cement or plaster pieces to purchase and they can be quite expensive depending on size. The amount of work that goes into hand pouring and painting statues and decor is quite substantial and requires an artistic flare!

If you are looking for a fun and unique business venture it may be worth your time to look into creating cement decor. It can be a very profitable business to hand paint cement pieces and sell them. You could also sell unpainted pieces to up and coming artists or families that love to do art projects together. You could also teach a class on how to pour cement and create statues. There are a lot of different options for business ventures involving cement statues and decor. 

So where can you get these beautiful molds from to create your new works of art? There is a wonderful and very reputable mold making business called Latex Mold Makers! They make hundreds of beautiful molds and are some of the highest quality molds ever seen. They not only use and make the best products but their customer service is absolutely amazing! You can stock up on hundreds of different styles and make a huge collection to sell and become a booming business in no time! 

Follow these steps to start your statue making business:
  • Choose molds from Latex Mold Makers
  • Create a number of different statues
  • Choose if you will paint or sell as is
  • Advertise your work
  • Sell from home or at craft markets or shops
  • Enjoy a profitable and creative business!

Making statues that last for years to come could be the legacy you leave behind. As you grow old you will begin to wonder how you will be remembered and what you will leave behind. If you create beautiful works of art that will last a lifetime you will live forever in the hearts of many. Check out the stunning molds created by Latex Mold Makers today and start your legacy! 

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