Saturday 2 February 2019

V day? Scratch that, Lelo introduces O day on Febuary 14th!

Read on for a piece of useful advice, a whole lot of cheesy humor and LELO's fairly obvious, but totally secret insight that will help you turn V-Day into Oooo-Day and avoid exchanging yet another unimaginative gift on February 15th.

Right after you've finally forgotten about the trauma of holiday shopping - you know, the hordes of desperate last-minute shoppers, clueless husbands, fresh couples struggling to get THE perfect gift, panicking parents hunting for that particular toy their kids saw on TV… Valentine's Day rears its horribly romantic head and looms over you like a giant rose-colored shadow of doom. It all starts with a simple question, though. Are we doing V-Day this year?
  • If you're together for six months, the appropriate answer would be yes.
  • If you're together for over two years, the appropriate answer would be no, because apparently, we get lazy this long into a relationship.
  • If you're single, the appropriate answer would be - it's just another commercial holiday designed to get us to spend money we don't have on things we don't need (thanks, Tyler D.).
  • If you're a pleasure expert at LELO, the appropriate answer would be no, but I will raid our sample stock and get them a vibe.

“Appropriate” is the key word here.

The point is, different strokes for different folks, but when it comes to V-Day, even when your partner says no, you should get them a little something. Honestly, none of us here are mind readers, but whereas no ALWAYS means no when it comes to consent, V-Day gift-giving has a way of turning every no into a yes. So better come prepared, no one ever got angry because they got a present.

What to get though?

Finder released some interesting statistics from V-Day 2018, and according to them, 43% of women were happy with the gifts they received whereas only 29% of men said they liked what they got. So what's the main takeaway from this - always save the receipt? Nope! Listen to your partner all year round. There are no shortcuts when it comes to the person you love. As the pleasure experts for a brand such as LELO, we really ought to talk you into purchasing one of our beautiful toys (some of which are up to 25% off, wink), but if your partner isn't into that, it's a moot point. But we'll try anyway because there are so many delicious ways to introduce a little hot sauce into a relationship.

Honestly, if you've been together for ages, you can't go wrong with a toy. Sleek silicone, gold plating, it's basically jewelry! Perhaps V-Day would become more enjoyable for you both if you turned it into a kink-fest and let loose your inner sex fiends. Massage candles, silk handcuffs, suede whips, go as far as you dare and turn V-Day into O-Day, you cheeky bastard. We'll even go so far as to give you a discount code - use ODAY19 at checkout for 15% off on LELO sensual accessories and make an effort this February 14th!

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