Saturday 2 March 2019

Printable Props for Your Photoshoot

As you’re planning your wedding and doing things like booking the venue and selecting the perfect decor, you’ll also want to think about your engagement photo shoot. Not only are engagement photos good to have, but they also can be used to announce your big day and showcase your special relationship in a wedding photo book. Outside of traditional poses, props are a fantastic way to add creativity to your photos.

The possibilities for the props you can use are endless. An easy yet still impactful way to give your pictures some charm is to use printable props. Shutterfly created these 29 free printable engagement photo props. Designed to fit a variety of preferences and communicate sentiments, these cost-effective props include symbols, signs, and vintage, rustic and pop art styles.

To create a prop, you simply just download and print the props you want, stick them to cardstock, and attach them to dowel rods. Even if you’re not doing an engagement session, these props can be used for any future photoshoot where you want to show off your personality. The result is memorable photos that will last a lifetime.

Find your favorites below and let’s get start prop making!



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